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Your Sugarland Roof May Be At High Risk Of Wind Damage This Hurricane Season

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is in full swing and we still have a ways to go before it's over at the end of November. Although Houston has yet to be impacted by any major hurricanes, it is still quite possible. By now there have already been 9 named storms and according to ABC13, the ninth storm doesn’t form until early October. With heavy storms, tropical storms, and hurricanes come aggressive winds that can compromise the integrity of your Sugarland roofing. 

How Does Wind Damage Your Sugar Land Roofing?

Heavy winds toss around debris, such as garbage, branches, and even your lawn decor and patio furniture. This kind of debris can easily puncture your rooftop shingles, which can then leave room for emergency roof leaks and allow for outside air to seep into your home, causing your energy bill to spike. The wind blows unevenly over surfaces, which often results in broken seals between shingles and the underlying foundation. This can create a chain reaction in which nearby shingles will also come loose and tear off, exposing the rest of the structure to water damage, rot, and mold. At this point, Sugarland roof repairs or a Sugarland roof replacement will be necessary. 

Signs Your Home Has Experienced Sugar Land Roof Wind Damage

Curling Shingles

Are your roof shingles lying flat or have some curled? Corner and edge shingles are most prone to curling, so check on them from below to see if they’re lifting up at all.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the material that encloses the space between the roof and the chimney and helps prevent water from entering it. The kind of flashing used depends on the roofing material and the climate, so even though Houston homes have very sturdy flashing, keep an eye out for any dents, chips, and cracks.

Houston’s #1 Roofer Offers Expert Sugarland Roof Repairs

Ensuring that your roof is intact is essential all year round, but with the increased risks for damage during this historical hurricane season, it is especially important. With our trained eyes and 40+ years of experience, our roof repair experts in Houston will gladly conduct a free roof inspection to determine whether you are in need of storm repairs.