Storm Damage News

Our Houston roofer inspects Houston storm damage on Houston roof.

Tips for Dealing with Houston Storm Damage

Severe weather is common in our region of Texas, as is the Houston roof damage it can cause. As we move into spring, strong storms marked by heavy rain, gusty winds, and hail become more prevalent, leading many residents to ask, “What’s the best way to deal with Houston storm damage? And who provides the best roof repair near me?” To answer these questions and arm you with the best information possible, our Houston roof experts have assembled the following tips for dealing with Houston storm damage. 

Types of Houston Storm Damage Near Me

Our Houston roof experts warn our customers about these problems and often encourage a Houston roof replacement or Houston roof repairs if these issues are uncovered:

Broken or Curling Shingles

Winds are usually the culprit of broken, missing, or curled shingles, which is especially true for Houston roofing that is already damaged. When your shingles no longer lie flat against your roof, it’s time for Houston roof repair or replacement.

Roof Leaks

The force of heavy rain falling on an older or damaged roof leads to Houston roof damage like roof leaks. Sometimes roof leaks are easy to spot, while other times leaks can remain hidden until significant damage has already been done in your attic or inside your walls. A roof leak requires immediate Houston roof repair. 

Hail Roof Damage

Spring is known for storms that produce hail and our Houston roofers see more hail roof damage in our warmer months than any other time of the year. The impact of hail hitting your roof leaves divots and cracks on your shingles that typically requires a full Houston roof replacement instead of basic Houston roof repairs.

Clogged Gutters

Spring brings pollen and other potential debris that clog your gutters, preventing rain water from flowing properly away from your Houston roofing, pooling on the surface of your shingles instead and causing irreparable roof damage.

Tips for Dealing with Houston Storm Damage Near Me

The best way to address Houston roof damage near me is with Amstill’s free Houston roof inspection. We can identify signs of damage and make any necessary Houston roof repairs before the next storm hits. 

Amstill is the Most Trusted Houston Roofer Near Me

We’re all ready to usher in spring, but not before we secure our homes and address the types of common Houston roof damage near me. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection and assess any existing damage so we can recommend the right solution to keep you and your family safe all year long. Amstill’s time tested perfection is your best defense against Houston roof damage.