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houston homeowner checking for Kingwood roof damage after a storm

Tips For Checking On Your Kingwood Roof After A Storm

Now that it’s peak hurricane season, most of us are anticipating heavy storms at some point or another. While many roofers go door-to-door to offer a roof inspection, some of these are actually running roofing scams that you need to avoid. Rather than putting your home (and your wallet) at further risk, our Houston roof experts will teach you about what you can do to check and protect your roof after a storm.

Once A Storm Has Passed, Check Your Attic

Rather than immediately climbing onto your roof while it’s still slippery and dangerous, we recommend going into your attic right after a storm to see if there are any roof leaks. To determine if you have a Kingwood roof leak, you should look for dripping water, puddles, staining along the walls, as well as damp insulation, or even warping. If you discover signs of a leak, it’s important to speak with our Houston roof experts in case there is further damage that may have taken place, warranting a Kingwood roof replacement.

Perform Adequate Kingwood Roof Maintenance

Once the storm has passed, our Kingwood roofing company recommends you grab a ladder and climb up to your gutters. From here, start with some roof maintenance tasks by clearing the gutters of any leaves, twigs, or other debris. This will ensure proper drainage of water away from your roof so that it doesn’t settle and weigh down your roof shingles, as this will cause dipping and other Kingwood roof damage that, left unaddressed, will lead to a dire need for Kingwood roof replacement.

Seek A Free Kingwood Roof Inspection From Our Qualified Houston Roof Experts

Once you have checked your attic and performed some roof maintenance, we recommend you contact us for a free Kingwood roof inspection. Although you are under no obligation to work with us, with over 40 years of roofing experience we can easily spot both the obvious and extremely subtle signs of roof damage. Other roofers may miss these signs and put your roof, as well as your loved ones at risk. During peak hurricane season we want to do our best to protect you not only now, but for years to come.

Once we conclude our Kingwood roof inspection, our Houston roof experts will offer transparent guidance and advice on whether you would benefit from a full Kingwood roof replacement, as well as which type of roof shingles may best meet your needs. We are here to help you keep your roof and your family safe!