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hurricane season roof damage taking place on a sugar land roof

Sugar Land Roof Damage You May See During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full swing and knowing what to expect can help you best prepare for the potential for Sugar Land roof damage. While the season lasts until the end of November, September marks its peak, which means more and more active storms are forming and could have the potential to reach the Houston area. Now is the time to keep your Sugar Land roofing intact and know exactly what hurricane season roof damage can look like for your home.

What Kind Of Hurricane Season Roof Damage Can I Expect For My Sugar Land Roofing?

There are many ways a storm can cause hurricane season roof damage and increase the chance that you’ll need a complete Sugar Land roof replacement. The heavy winds and rain that accompany many hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to your roof, resulting in roof leaks and irreparable structural damage. Here are a few common issues to be aware of:

  • Missing or damaged shingles: hurricane-force wind speeds begin at 75mph and only increase from there, which can easily rip shingles and other materials from your roof.
  • Punctures: High wind speeds have been known to blow nearby debris like lawn furniture, decor, and loose tree limbs onto roof structures, where they can puncture through the shingles and cause leaks.
  • Damaged ridge vents: If your home is newer, it may have ridge venting to allow hot air to escape the attic during hot summer months. These vents are typically located along the highest peak of your roof and can allow rain to leak into your attic if you sustain any hurricane season roof damage.
  • Bent or warped flashing: flashing protects your home where the roof meets structural elements like your chimney or upper story walls. If wind shifts flashing out of place or removes it entirely, the result is a gap between those structures that then exposes your property below to the elements. 
  • Lifted roofs: If hurricane-force winds catch under the eaves of your home, they have the potential to lift your roof completely off your home. This is the kind of catastrophic hurricane season roof damage that all homeowners want to avoid.

How To Prepare Your Home Now To Prevent Sugar Land Roof Damage

Prevention is the best tool to ensure your roof stays in good shape through hurricane season. Removing debris and loose items from your property, repairing any existing damage, and familiarizing yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy are all steps you should take now to avoid possible hurricane season roof damage. Sometimes, a Sugar Land roof replacement is best done before a hurricane rolls into town, not after. Our Houston roof experts can let you know the best decision for your home. 

Call Our Houston Roof Experts Before The Next Storm Hits!

The best way to protect your Sugar Land roofing from hurricane season storm damage is to call our Houston roof experts to schedule a free inspection before the next hurricane hits the Houston area. We can help you prepare your roof and your property now before a complete Sugar Land roof replacement is necessary.