Mission Bend roofing showing hail stones and potential roof damage

Signs of Mission Bend Hail Roof Damage

As a coastal city, the Houston area is prone to sudden and severe weather that is known to cause hail roof damage. If your Mission Bend roofing is exposed to spring storms and the hail that often accompanies them, it’s possible that even roof repairs may not be sufficient to correct the resulting hail roof damage. While Mission Bend storm roof damage is quite common, it’s important to know that hail can be just as destructive as wind and heavy rains, often requiring the need for a Mission Bend roof replacement. 

Mission Bend Hail Roof Damage Explained

When water drops freeze together in the cold portions of storm clouds, hail is formed. These frozen drops grow heavier, then begin to fall before the storm’s updraft pushes them back into the cloud. When that happens, another layer of water freezes to this existing hailstone, making it even larger. Eventually, the hailstone will fall to the ground either when it grows too heavy or when the storm’s updraft slows down. That hailstone can become as large as a softball and cause hail roof damage significant enough to warrant a Mission Bend roof replacement

Recognizing Mission Bend Hail Roof Damage

Without the professional training our Houston roofers possess, it can be difficult to spot hail roof damage. A good rule of thumb is to see if your vehicle sustained hail damage or you find that your neighbors have hail roof damage, as that’s usually a sign that your Mission Bend roofing has, too. In that case, it’s time to call our Houston roof experts to schedule a professional free inspection. Our team will assess the extent of your Mission Bend roof damage by looking for the following signs:

  • Divots and circular cracking: Mission Bend roof damage from hail usually results in divots, circular shapes that form from the impact of hail as it smashes the granules on your shingles. This damages the fiberglass layer that lies underneath the protective asphalt layer of your shingle and cannot be repaired, only replaced. 
  • Missing granules: If a storm produces medium- or large-sized hail, those hailstones can knock the granules from your shingles. Since granules are intended to protect the life of your Mission Bend roofing, it’s important to determine the extent of the damage. If left unaddressed, it could prompt a Mission Bend roof replacement.
  • Bruising: The impact of hail hitting your roof can leave marks that are also soft to the touch when pressure is applied. These bruises signal hail roof damage that should not be ignored. 

If You Need a Mission Bend Roof Replacement, Amstill Can Help

If Mission Bend roof repairs aren’t enough to protect your property after it suffers from hail roof damage, then you may need to invest in a Mission Bend roof replacement instead. If you’ve experienced recent hail-producing storms, our Houston roof experts are happy to provide a free inspection to assess the extent of damage. We can then recommend the next steps to protect your property, as ignoring Mission Bend hail roof damage is unwise and can lead to leaks and damaged shingles, necessitating not only a Mission Bend roof replacement, but other interior repairs as well. Save yourself from these costly and time-consuming problems and contact Amstill today!