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Obvious signs of wind roof damage in need of Katy roof repairs by Houston roof experts.

Signs of Katy Wind Roof Damage

After a storm or other extreme weather event, your home may make it without taking any Katy roof damage from hail, flying debris, or heavy rain. However, there’s another type of damage that you need to look out for: Wind roof damage. This kind of damage isn’t always obvious at first because it can present itself in different ways. As a homeowner, these symptoms need to be familiar to you so that you can take action at the first sign of Katy roof damage. Here are what the Houston roof experts from Amstill Roofing say are the most common signs of wind roof damage.

Obvious Signs of Wind Roof Damage for a Katy Roof Repair

The most visible symptom of wind roof damage is missing tiles or shingles that have been blown away. This kind of damage occurs when high winds get under the tiles or shingles and pops them off your roof. The next thing to look out for is the condition of the tiles or shingles that remain attached to your roof. Wind roof damage can crack, curl, dent, or punch holes in roof shingles even while leaving them in place. Whenever you see this kind of damage on your roof, it’s time to call in Houston roof experts to conduct a full roof inspection, because there may be other roof damage that a layman can’t find on their own.

Subtle Signs of Wind Roof Damage for a Katy Roof Repair

Among the less obvious signs of Katy roof damage to look out for is the appearance of granulated shingle debris in your gutters and on the grounds around your house. This is a symptom of the physical wear of sustained winds on your roof shingles. A more subtle and potentially devastating symptom of wind roof damage is water infiltration into your attic. The signs of this can be as obvious as leaking water or as inconspicuous as some slight discoloration in the affected area. In the end, the best way to determine how much Katy roof damage your home has sustained is to have it professionally inspected. When that time comes, the most important factor is finding experienced and trustworthy Houston roof experts near me to inspect, repair, and if necessary, replace your roof.

Trusted Houston Roof Experts Near Me for a Katy Roof Repair

With over 50 years of proud service to the Houston area, Amstill Roofing has the track record, skills, and experience to take on any of your roofing needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we stake our reputation on every roof we inspect, install, repair, or replace. If you need a Katy roof repair to take care of your wind roof damage, our expertise and experience are just waiting to be put to work for you. Call us today and avail of a free roof inspection and consultation!