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image of lightning during a hurricane above a Jersey Village roof

Protect Your Jersey Village Roofing From Hurricanes

As we have entered the peak Atlantic hurricane season, many homeowners are starting to wonder how they can reinforce and protect their roofs. In this article, our Houston roof experts offer advice on what you can do to boost your Jersey Village roof’s integrity this hurricane season.

Get A Free Jersey Village Roof Inspection By Our Houston Roof Experts

We always say inspection is prevention. The biggest issue with roof damage is that it quickly spreads and worsens over time. For example, even though you might not spot a leak in your house, there might already be one in your attic due to the excessive rain we dealt with over the summer. This is the main reason why we recommend all homeowners get a seasonal roof inspection.

Without a proper Jersey Village roof inspection, the rain and wind during these next few months could worsen existing damage. It’s best to remain aware of your roof’s condition so that you can address any concerns before they become severe and put your family’s safety at risk.

Our expertly trained eyes (47+ years in the Houston roof replacement industry) will look for any signs of accumulated roof damage, such as missing roof shingles, curling shingles, critter roof damage, missing shingle granules, dented gutters, and more, which leads into our next point…

Get A Jersey Village Roof Replacement When You Need It

A Jersey Village roof replacement not only corrects severe roof damage, but it also completely reinstates the quality and integrity of your roof’s structure, which makes it way more protective and sturdy in the face of a hurricane, should one make its way to the area.

What To Expect From A Jersey Village Roof Replacement

Although we go more in-depth on the Jersey Village roof replacement process here, a roof replacement by our Houston roof experts usually consists of stripping your current roofing down to the roof deck, followed by waterproofing it. Once waterproofed, we’ll begin to lay down the roof shingles you chose according to manufacturer guidelines and secure them in place.

Let Our Houston Roof Experts Protect Your Roof And Your Loved Ones This Hurricane Season

Although this hurricane season has been relatively quiet so far, things might change now that we’re in peak storm season, which means rain, wind, and hail damage are more likely to occur. If you would like to learn more about your roof’s current condition, please contact us so we can begin with a free Jersey Village roof inspection to assess your roof and determine if a Jersey Village roof replacement is necessary. We look forward to reinforcing your roof so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.