pearland roof exhibiting signs of severe wind damage from houston storms

How Storm Winds Can Impact Your Pearland Roofing

As August approaches, Houstonians are preparing for the highest temperatures of the summer, as well as more tropical storms and hurricanes. As we have seen with Hurricane Hanna, heavy rains cause damage to roofs, but so can winds. Here is how storm winds can impact your Pearland roofing.

How Does Wind Damage Your Pearland Roof?

One of the greatest concerns surrounding hurricane winds is that they easily toss any debris lying around your front and backyard. Such debris includes garbage, branches, patio furniture, and even lawn decorations. When tossed around, this debris can effortlessly puncture your roofing shingles simply because of the force associated with hurricane winds. 

Punctured shingles can lead to an emergency Pearland roof leak and even damage your roofing insulation.

Storm winds tend to blow very erratically and unevenly, which often results in the seals between your shingles and the underlying deck breaking apart. The worst-case scenario is a chain reaction in which neighboring shingles will also come loose, which exposes the underlying foundation to water damage and rot. Depending on how bad the roof damage is, your home may be in need of Pearland roof repairs or a Pearland roof replacement.

Signs Your Pearland Roof Has Sustained Hurricane Wind Damage

If you’re in Pearland, Spring, Friendswood, Tomball, or another suburb of Houston, and have experienced a period of heavy winds recently, then you should get your roof inspected as soon as possible and take note of any of the following issues that may warrant a Pearland roof repair:

Pearland Roof Leak

Leaks are one of the most obvious signs that some type of damage has taken place on your roof, as they can occur because of critters or because of the wind. Considering we are in the middle of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, it’s wise to check your attic after a rainstorm so you can spot the early signs of a leak.

Curling Roof Shingles

Another sign of storm wind damage to your Pearland roof is the noticeable curling of the shingles. Strong, sturdy shingles that are in great condition lay flat against your roof, so if their bottom edge is curling upwards or if your shingles appear wavy, then this is likely the result of stormy winds.

Pearland Roof Repairs To Reinforce Your Roof During Hurricane Season

We still have more time before Hurricane Season ends, and with the hotter temperatures this month, chances are we will see more storm movement. It is crucial that you get Pearland roof repairs done now so your roof doesn’t sustain even further roof wind damage, causing the need for an expensive and premature Pearland roof replacement. Please contact us so we can begin with a free roof inspection and assess the level of damage your roof has accumulated.