How Storm Debris Can Affect Your Houston Roof

How Storm Debris Can Affect Your Houston Roof

The debris that floats onto your Houston roof, such as leaves and twigs, may seem small and insignificant, but the truth is that even these seemingly harmless objects can put your roof at risk. So, how exactly does debris affect your roof? It usually damages it as a result of not adequately maintaining the roof structure, especially during Houston's storm season.

It Clogs Your Gutters

When twigs, leaves, and grass start piling up onto your roof, your gutters will be your first line of defense. Over time, accumulated debris will weigh them down and clog them.

Houston is well-known for the severe storms it can face every year. When a rainstorm hits, the water will glide from the top of your roof and into the gutters, but if they're clogged, then the rainwater has nowhere to go and settles instead. Three things can occur as a result of this settled water.

  • The built-up water combined with Houston's humid and warm weather invites bacteria and mold to grow in your gutters and even on your roof
  • If the water level is high enough, the water will have no choice but to seep back onto the shingles. This can weigh them down, causing buckling and even roof leaks.
  • Gutters and downspouts are meant to keep accumulated water away from the rest of your house. If they're clogged, water trying to escape will instead flow down the siding and potentially cause more water damage.

Contact Amstill Roofing Today to Check on the Integrity of Your Roof

The debris that builds up on your Houston roof will eventually accumulate and, before you know it, you will be in need of an extensive repair or even a full roof replacement

If your roof has a lot of debris from any of the past storms we've had, then we recommend you contact us for a free roof inspection. We will climb onto your roof and sift through the debris to check on the integrity of your structure and determine whether you are in need of a simple repair or if you will need a replacement. We will also recommend ways to protect your roof so it lasts as long as it possibly can.