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Spring, Texas home that required a roof replacement after a rain storm

How Rain Affects Your Spring, Texas Roof

We are in peak hurricane season now through October, which means hurricanes are more likely to develop in the coming weeks. In this article, our Houston roof experts explain how rain affects your roof during the Atlantic hurricane season.

If You Haven’t Repaired Your Roofing In A While, It Might Be Sunken In

If your roof shingles have fallen victim to past storms and you haven’t had a Spring roof replacement in a while, then chances are they are very weak. You can tell your Spring, Texas roof shingles are weakened if they are missing any shingle granules and/or if they have buckled. Buckled shingles seem to have dipped in the center, and too many buckled shingles will often cause larger dips within your roof. If your roof is sunken at all, then this allows for rainwater to settle, further weighing them down and weakening them. Not long after this point, you may expect roof deck rot and severe roof leaks.

Aged, Brittle Spring, TX Roof Shingles Are More Prone To Weather Damage

Roof shingles are designed and manufactured with special oils in them that keep them moisturized and strong, but as they age, they tend to dry out and become brittle, signaling that the need for a Spring, Texas roof replacement is near. Once they have reached this state, they are more prone to easily cracking and sustaining various types of weather damage–especially now that we have entered peak hurricane season, which brings wind and possibly hail.

Speaking of weather damage, the wind may cause brittle roof shingles to crack or become punctured when debris is tossed around the air. 

Spring, Texas Roof Leaks Occur When Your Shingles Are In Poor Condition

Roof leaks are the type of rain damage most homeowners think of. As a result of weakened, brittle shingles, rainwater will have a much easier time making its way inside your home. Although you will likely not spot a leak right away, it will slowly build up inside your attic and the walls before it finds an opening, such as through a light fixture or a corner. Left unaddressed, this can become costly and dangerous, resulting in an unexpected Spring, Texas roof replacement.

How Our Spring, TX Roof Replacement Company Can Fix Your Roof If It Has Sustained Rain Damage

We know how easy it is for roofs to experience rain damage this season, but rest assured we are geared up and ready to offer a Spring, Texas roof replacement, should you need one. Before that, though, we must complete a free roof inspection to see if your home requires a roof replacement. Please contact our Houston roof experts so we can help protect your roof from rain damage this hurricane season.