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Stormy sky with lightning strikes near a cinco ranch roof sustaining storm damage

Has Your Cinco Ranch Roof Sustained Storm Damage?

With the Atlantic hurricane season approaching its end in a few more weeks, you might be wondering if your roof has sustained storm damage either this season or over the last few seasons we’ve had. At this time you’re probably considering getting some Cinco Ranch roof repairs done, or even a full roof replacement, which is why we put together this Houston roofing article all about some of the most common signs your Cinco Ranch roof has sustained storm damage.

Sagging Cinco Ranch Roof

Roof rot is usually the culprit if you notice your roof is sagging. Roof rot takes place when moisture is trapped underneath roof shingles that have curled or creased from storm wind damage. This trapped moisture reaches the underlying boards and, when left to settle, damages and causes bacteria and mold to form in the insulation as well.

Damaged Cinco Ranch Roof Shingles

Damaged roof shingles are the most obvious sign that your home has sustained roof storm damage. It’s a good idea to check your roof from an upstairs window or from outside to determine if your roof shingles lay flat against the decking or not. By checking on your roof from afar, you may also be able to find sections with missing shingles. All of these signs suggest that your roof has sustained wind damage from this season’s storms or even from past storms. If you have high-quality shingles on your roof, you may have been fortunate enough to have gotten through a few past hurricanes without much damage. However, at some point, your roof’s warranty will expire and you will need a Cinco Ranch roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage is most evident in your attic. We recommend you look around your attic for water stains, mold, and warping throughout the walls and ceilings. 

If Your Roof Sustained Storm Damage, Our Houston Roofing Company Will Complete Cinco Ranch Roof Repairs Or Replacement

If, after finding out about these signs, you believe your roof may be damaged, then please contact us for a free roof inspection. We will be able to determine what condition your roof is in and complete the necessary roof repairs to reinforce your roof and ensure it lasts for years to come. In other cases, we may recommend a roof replacement instead, but rest assured we always have what’s best for your roof and your family in mind.