Storm Damage News

Cypress roof damage worsened due to recent storms

Consider Cypress Roof Replacement After Recent Storms

Recent Houston storms brought hail, wind and heavy rains to the area that could have resulted in Cypress roof damage. If you were already aware of existing damage to your Cypress roofing, the condition of your roof may have deteriorated with our recent severe weather. With higher winds and changing temperatures on their way, it’s imperative to protect your home from further storm roof damage by considering a Cypress roof replacement. 

How Old Is Your Cypress Roofing?

Roof shingles are designed to protect your roof and the interior of your home from the elements. It’s no secret that storms containing hail, strong winds, and heavy rains can cause Cypress roof damage, but shingles that are too old cannot withstand these elements, which could lead to more severe issues. Most roofs have a 20-year lifespan, so if you haven’t had a Cypress roof replacement within the past decade or even longer, then chances are your shingles are very weak, especially if you notice they are missing any granules. 

Another sign of aging shingles that may no longer be effective at protecting your home from storm roof damage are buckled shingles. Buckled shingles are those that appear sunken or dipped in the center. When this occurs to too many shingles, it will often cause larger dips within your roof. If your roof is sunken at all, then this allows for rainwater to settle, further weighing them down and weakening them. Not long after this point, you may expect a severe roof leak, necessitating a Cypress roof replacement. 

Brittle Cypress Roof Shingles Are More Prone To Weather Damage

The shingles that make up your Cypress roofing contain special oils that keep them strong in the presence of extreme weather conditions like Houston storms and heat. As they age, however, these oils dry out and your shingles become brittle, making them prone to cracking due to wind damage, as your brittle roof shingles are no match for debris that gets tossed around severe weather, such as tree branches or lawn decor. In addition to winds, you can sustain Cypress roof damage due to hailstones, which are all the more likely to pierce and chip your roof when it’s increasingly brittle.

Cypress Storm Roof Damage Can Cause Leaks 

Roof leaks are the type of rain damage most homeowners think of. As a result of weakened, brittle shingles, rainwater will much more easily find a way inside your home. Although you will likely not spot a leak right away, it will slowly build up inside your attic and the walls before it finds an opening, such as through a light fixture or a corner. Left unaddressed, this can cause catastrophic damage to your home. It’s important to contact our Houston roof experts today to provide a free roof inspection, especially following our recent storms. We can help you determine if you need a Cypress roof replacement and walk you through the process quickly and professionally.

Our Houston Roof Experts Can Complete Your Cypress Roof Replacement In 1 Day

Your time is important to us, and we know you want to protect your home from the elements before the temperatures get too cold as we head into fall and winter. Our Houston roof experts complete 99% of Cypress roof replacements in as little as one day! With over 40 years of experience, you can trust Amstill Roofing to provide you with quality service you can trust, and a peace of mind in protecting your property with solid craftsmanship for years to come.