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Checking For Storm Roof Damage To Your Sugar Land Roof

Checking For Storm Roof Damage To Your Sugar Land Roof

Last week, the Greater Houston area received an onslaught of heavy rain that lasted almost the entire week. Some areas, particularly Sugar Land, suffered flooding reminiscent of hurricane Harvey, forcing schools to close for two days. Some kids were even forced to stay overnight at school, as the flooded streets made transporting them back home virtually impossible.

After extreme weather conditions occur, it’s important to check your roof for storm roof damage. Even if your area was one of the fortunate ones not to have experienced torrential rain or hail last week, wind alone can cause damage that requires roof repair or roof replacement. The following are some suggestions from our Houston roofing company on how to check for storm roof damage:

How To Spot Storm Roof Damage

Check your shingles. Harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, or hail storms can tear shingles off of your roof. In addition, flying debris such as tree branches or falling power lines can also rip off shingles or severely dent your roof.

Check your attic for leaks or water damage. Oftentimes, when water leaks into your attic, water stains will appear in the walls and ceilings, while mold or mildew may form. It’s important to resolve these issues quickly, as mold and mildew can spread to other parts of your home.

Look for signs of roof damage from the ground. Check for missing shingles or other parts of your roof, including metal pieces normally attached to your chimney. In addition, check the condition of exhaust pipes and rain gutters.

Roof Inspection: The Best Way To Check For Storm Roof Damage

While the aforementioned tips are helpful, the surest way to determine whether your roof suffered storm roof damage is to schedule a roof inspection with our Houston roofing company. During this inspection, one of our professional roofing experts will thoroughly inspect your roof and determine what kind of repairs, if any, are needed. This roof inspection is completely free with no obligation.

At Amstill Roofing, our goal is to help you protect your home with the best roof. Our roofing contractor company has been serving the Greater Houston area with honesty and integrity for over 40 years. If you live in Sugar Land or any other area in Houston that was greatly affected by the storms last week, contact us today to set up your free roof inspection.