heavy downpour causing kingwood roof rain damage

Can Your Kingwood Roof Handle the Houston Rain?

July is here and so is the hotter weather and the brighter sunshine. But, considering it’s the middle of summer and it’s hurricane season, a light rain shower can quickly turn into a full-on downpour that causes flooding across different areas in Houston. Combine this with old roofing and water will easily make its way into your home one way or another. We want to avoid this, which is why our Houston roofing crew–which serves Kingwood, Spring, Cypress, Katy, and other suburbs–is ready to serve you and reinforce your current roof with Kingwood roof replacement or Kingwood roof repair. 

Houston Rain May Pose a Threat to Kingwood Roofs

Let’s discuss why the summer rain may be detrimental to your Houston roof to the point where you’re in need of Kingwood roof repairs. If there are any cracks in your roof, if your roof is missing some shingles, or if your shingles have started to curl, it becomes very easy for rainwater to seep into your home through your roof. This can result in damaged roofing insulation, roof leaks, and compromises the rest of the interior and structural integrity.

Ensure Your Kingwood Roof Can Withstand The Rain

Before you move forward with Kingwood roof replacement or Kingwood roof repair, you first need to understand the current state of your roof. To do so, we recommend getting a Kingwood roof inspection, which Amstill Roofing offers for free. When we conduct a roof inspection, we climb onto your roof and thoroughly look for any signs of damage, even subtle ones that could become very severe in no time. After all, preventative care is the best way to care for your roof and encourage its longevity. 

With the current situation and the changing workplace, we have changed how we perform inspections, opting for a contact-less inspection, and then sending you a file of our findings. This way we can all protect each other without letting your roof succumb to damage. 

Amstill Roofing in Houston Will Proudly Protect Your Kingwood Roof

Ready to reinforce your roof? If you would like yo make sure your roof can handle the rain, then please contact our Houston roofing company so we can start with a free inspection. Based on our findings, we will recommend a Kingwood roof repair or a Kingwood roof replacement. We’ll also work with your insurance company and discuss financing options so you can afford to keep your roof in-tact.