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Thanksgiving: The Perfect Time for a Houston Roof Replacement

Thanksgiving is next week, which means family will be coming over. Now is the perfect time to get a roof replacement. A new shingled roof can really help beautify your home and make it stand out for the holidays and for the following years.

The holiday season is the time when Houston homeowners become very aware of how their home looks. It is also a time when weather is more than unpredictable (though, isn’t that always the case here in Houston?). The weather during the fall and winter is full of cold fronts and rain storms, which produces dead leaves and full gutters.

SIDE NOTE: Keep an eye open on those gutters. The wet dead leaves that build up can cause problems to the trim of the roof and its interior. Be sure those gutters stay clear of dead leaves.


A roof replacement is necessary when shingles hit the 20-year mark (for typical shingles). When roofing shingles get old, they begin to crack and break or completely pull away from the nails, leaving gaps in the shingles. These gaps can wreak havoc on a roof because it allows for rain and wind to do more damage than usual. This damage can include creating leaks within the infrastructure of the roof.

Keep your entire home safe with a new roof. Our Houston roofing company has been building roofs since 1974. Our roofing company offers various types of shingles, including 3-Tab shingles, laminate shingles, and architectural shingles. These types of shingles provide different warranties, ranging from 20 years to more than 50 years. Depending on which kind of roofing shingles you choose, you may never have to mess with your roof again.


If you are in need of a roof replacement, then contact our Houston roofing company. One of our roof experts will come to your home to provide a free inspection. We will be able to inform you of what your roof needs, whether a complete replacement or just roof repairs. Before Thanksgiving Day arrives, contact us and have a new roof before you carve up the turkey.