Roof Replacement

Progress of Sugar Land roof replacement before a hurricane

Sugar Land Roof Replacement Before A Hurricane

Now that we are in peak hurricane season, all eyes are on the Atlantic as it begins to stir up even more. Houston has been lucky to not get directly hit by a hurricane yet, but we aren’t completely out of the woods. In the event that we do get hit by a hurricane between now and November 30, you may need a Sugar Land roof replacement ASAP, because waiting until after a hurricane strikes isn’t ideal. 

A Sugar Land Roof Replacement Ensures You’re Protected For The Rest Of Hurricane Season

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season was predicted to be an active one and it was proven early on. It is crucial that your roof is strong enough to withstand future violent winds, heavy rains, and even possible hail storm damage. Keep in mind that a brand new roof is far stronger and more protective than an older one that has been subjected to past storm damage, debris, and/or aging.

The Snowball Effect Of Roof Damage

If within the last few years any of your corner shingles blew off, this will cause a chain reaction. Roof shingles are nailed together, so when one blows off, their seal is broken and the wind can more easily blow off adjacent shingles. This also invites critters to make a home out of your roof or attic. This lack of protection may cause a leak to form, which could go unnoticed until it becomes disastrous, causing damaged insulation, mold, and mildew.

As another example, if your Sugar Land roof has endured multiple storms, has yet to be replaced, and if you haven’t received a roof inspection or had any roof repairs done, then you may have no idea just how much danger your home is facing. We urge you not to wait for a hurricane to exacerbate your roof's condition. 

Amstill Roofing Offers One-Day Sugar Land Roof Replacement

If you think it might be time for a much-needed Sugar Land roof replacement, then please contact us for a free inspection. We can take a close look at your roof to determine how much damage it has sustained. If roof replacement is necessary, we can give you a brand new roof within a single day’s work so you and your family can feel safe and protected as we prepare to endure the rest of the season.