Roof Replacement

Houston roofer ripping off old shingles for Meadows Place roof replacement

One Day Meadows Place Roof Replacement By Amstill Roofing

While most Houston roofs last an average of 20 years, your roof’s lifespan ultimately depends on the weather and how well you have maintained your roofing over the years. Fortunately, regular roof inspections by our Houston roof experts, roof repairs, and proper roof maintenance all contribute to improving the longevity of your roof. Eventually, though, you will need a Meadows Place roof replacement because repairs no longer suffice. Don’t worry though–the good news is that our Houston roof experts can complete 90% of our Meadows Place roof replacements within a single day. Here is what you can expect.

Before Getting A Meadows Place Roof Replacement, Get A Free Roof Inspection

By getting a roof inspection before you go through with a roof replacement, we get an opportunity to carefully look around your roof and determine whether you do, in fact, need a roof replacement or if a few roof repairs will suffice. Further, this gives us a chance to discuss the scope of work with you, as well as your payment options–through your homeowner’s insurance or with our Meadows Place roof replacement financing options.

What To Expect When Our Houston Roof Experts Replace Your Roof

When you’re ready to begin with Meadows Place roof replacement, we will bring all of the necessary roofing materials, as well as tarp and plywood to protect your windows and landscaping from the messy process of roof replacement.

Remove Your Current Roofing

Unlike with Houston roof repairs, we need to remove your entire roofing–all the way down to the decking. Following this, we will waterproof the deck with 30-pound felt, which serves as an extra layer of protection from weather damage. If your roof decking is damaged, we will repair this for you.

Replacing Damaged Roof Shingles

Once waterproofed, it’s time to install your brand new roof shingles! We will install your brand new shingles according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keep in mind that different roof shingles have different lifespans, so this is a big decision to make–and we will be glad to assist you in making it!

Our Houston Roof Experts Will Ensure Your Roof Is Compliant With Roofing Regulations

Sometimes, homeowners require a roof replacement because it turns out that their current roof isn’t up to code. Even if you think yours is compliant, we will still double-check this for you in the roof replacement process and make any necessary updates so that your roof doesn’t get torn down as soon as it’s installed.

Amstill Roofing’s Houston Roof Experts Are Here When You Need A Meadows Place Roof Replacement

If you believe that you may need a new Meadows Place roof, please contact us so we can assess your roof and offer our professional recommendations on what you should do. We look forward to protecting your home and your family with a reliable roof!