Roof Replacement

Katy house with brand new roof replacement shingles

Katy, Texas Roof Replacement FAQ

Katy roof replacement should take place every 15-20 years, on average. There are often many questions that we get when we work with a client in need of roof replacement, so in this article, we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Is The Longest My Roof Can Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced Again?

In Houston, the excessive heat, tropical storms, and hurricanes mean that roofs last an average of 15-20 years, but how long your roof lasts also depends on what type of roofing you installed and how well you maintain your roofing. Architectural roof shingles (Type blog) can boast a lifetime warranty and may last 50 years to a lifetime on average.

My Roof Is Leaking. Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Many tend to think a roof leak means their roof is done for, making Katy roof replacement imminent. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes some roof repairs will do the job, but if you want to know for sure, starting with a roof inspection is the way to go.

How Can I Keep Roof Replacement Within My Budget?

Roof work is rather daunting, so it’s not rare for homeowners to immediately start stressing out about the cost and their budget. Don’t worry though; when we inspect your roof, we can provide an estimate. Further, Katy roof replacement is made more affordable with insurance coverage and our multiple financing options.

Can I Replace Only A Part Of My Roof?

There are two options: one is to replace a portion of your roof that has been damaged, and the other is to replace everything, including the underlayment. However, when you replace only a portion of your roof, this is considered a Katy roof repair and can only be done if the underlying structure is still intact. If the roof is damaged down to the decking–or even the frame–then replacement of the entire structure is the best option for the safety of your home and your loved ones.

High-Quality Katy, TX Roof Replacement By Amstill Roofing

Roof replacement may seem intimidating, but it is absolutely necessary and can even add value to your home! If you’re considering getting any roof work done and would like to determine if a Katy roof replacement is necessary, then please contact us so we can inspect your roof and answer more specific questions. We look forward to reinforcing your roof and giving you renewed peace of mind!