Algae and moss growing on Hedwig Village roofing

Algae on Your Roof? You Might Need Hedwig Village Roof Replacement

Your Hedwig Village roofing can face a number of different issues that may impact its ability to protect your home, from hail roof damage, wind roof damage, or even leaks. But did you know that algae growth is another form of Hedwig Village roof damage that represents just as impactful a threat? Keep reading to see why algae growth may be a sign that you need a Hedwig Village roof replacement. 

What Causes Algae Growth on my Hedwig Village Roofing?

Algae is a plant that thrives in hot and humid environments like ours. If your roof sits under large trees that provide a swath of shaded areas, then it is at risk of algae growth, as it tends to grow fastest in damp, shady areas. Since it feeds on nutrients that are commonly present in most roofing shingles, your roof is actually a prime environment for algae to flourish.

You can spot algae growth by looking for discolored spots on your roof that may take the form of black streaks, green spots, or mossy areas that often grow alongside algae. 

How Does Algae Cause Hedwig Village Roof Damage?

Algae growth on your roof is an eyesore, sure, but it’s more than just an unsightly nuisance. Algae signals the presence of existing Hedwig Village roof damage and also has the ability to cause additional and significant problems in a number of ways, mainly by trapping moisture against the surface of your Hedwig Village roofing. This can cause irreparable damage to your shingles and the decking underneath, leading to wood rot, water infiltration, and affect the structural integrity of your roof and the attic beams that support it. The longer algae is left to grow unchecked on your roof’s surface, the more Hedwig Village roof damage it will cause, so don’t ignore this destructive problem and instead, address it immediately by scheduling a roof inspection with our Houston roof experts.

A Hedwig Village Roof Replacement is the Best Protection from Further Damage

The first line of defense against algae growth on your Hedwig Village roofing is a professional inspection performed by our Houston roof experts. If our assessment determines the need for a Hedwig Village roof replacement, we’ll make our best recommendations regarding the materials that fit your needs and budget, then schedule a time to complete the job. Once we arrive to install your new Hedwig Village roofing, we will likely finish the work that day.

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