Roof Replacement

Houston roofer making needed The Woodlands roof repairs

Is The Woodlands Roof Repair Better than Replacement?

The Houston area is prone to the type of severe weather that is known to cause storm roof damage. If you’re one of the many homeowners who discovered their The Woodlands roofing had sustained damage due to recent weather events, you may be wondering if roof repairs will be sufficient or if you need a full The Woodlands roof replacement. This is when it’s time to call a trusted roof contractor like Amstill to come out and assess the damage. Our Houston roof experts can help you determine the route that’s best for your home. 

The Woodlands Roof Replacement or Repair? Here’s What We Consider

How extensive is the damage?

Roof repairs may be appropriate if our Houston roofers find one or two small spots of The Woodlands roof damage. But if they discover more significant issues like leaks, mold, rotted framing, wet insulation, or buckling and sagging, then a The Woodlands roof replacement will likely be necessary. Those types of The Woodlands roof damage are typically too severe for repairs without putting your home at risk for more severe problems.

How old is your roof?

The Woodlands roof replacement is a significant investment, but it may be less costly in the long run, especially if your roof is more than 10 years old. Since an older roof will likely need more frequent repairs as it continues to age, you’ll be spending a small fortune trying to extend the life of a roof that will need to be replaced in a short time anyway. It’s better to put that money towards new The Woodlands roofing that will better protect your home than an old, damaged roof.

What is your budget?

The Woodlands roof replacement typically costs between $5,000-18,000. But even if this seems a bit outside your budget, consider that sometimes your homeowners insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost. Also, a new roof adds value to your home’s equity and is especially beneficial if you intend to sell your home within the next few years. Schedule an inspection with our The Woodlands roofing contractor so that we can assess the damage and determine how to fit the cost of a roof replacement into your budget.

Advantages of The Woodlands Roof Replacement Over Roof Repairs

While you may be drawn to the idea of roof repairs because they cost less upfront than a full roof replacement and may extend the life of your existing roof, but our Houston roof experts want you to be aware that it isn’t always the cheaper option. We live in an area known for disastrous weather, and more durable materials will offer better protection against the elements. If your roof is already damaged or nearing the end of its lifespan, you will likely need to repair your roof more than once. So if you find yourself deciding between The Woodlands roof repairs or a The Woodlands roof replacement and the difference in cost is a few thousand dollars, you may be saving yourself more money in the long run.

Amstill Wants to Be Your The Woodlands Roof Replacement Company

With over 47 years of experience in the roofing industry, we’ve earned the distinction as the top The Woodlands roof replacement company by building a stellar reputation on trust, reliability, and expertise. Call us today to schedule your free The Woodlands roof  inspection; we’ll assess the extent of your roof damage and determine if roof repairs or a full The Woodlands roof replacement is the right path to take. We look forward to working with you!