Roof Replacement

Houston roofer removing old shingles for Jersey Village roof replacement

Hurricane Season Is Over–Get Jersey Village Roof Replacement

The Atlantic hurricane season ended in November, but not before wreaking months of havoc along the Gulf Coast. As a result, your home may have suffered from hurricane roof damage. This type of storm roof damage can sometimes be difficult to identify without a professional inspection of your Jersey Village roofing. Our Houston roof experts are known for their local knowledge of our area’s weather and the ability to assess whether your home sustained the kind of hurricane roof damage that warrants a Jersey Village roof replacement. 

How Hurricanes Cause Jersey Village Roof Damage

Hurricane roof damage is sometimes quite severe, especially if the following conditions occur: 


A hurricane is defined and categorized by its wind speed, and even category 1 storms create winds of no less than 74mph. That’s enough to rip shingles from your roof or shift the metal seam known as flashing, which covers the gap between shingles and structures like chimneys to prevent water from entering your home. If flashing is disrupted, it leaves your property susceptible to hurricane roof damage and expensive solutions to correct it.

Heavy Rain

If your Jersey Village roofing already has weak spots, heavy rain can further deteriorate those damaged parts and lead to leaks. And in some cases, those leaks may not be noticeable until the damage is extensive enough to travel from the attic to the walls, at which point you may be dealing with a very expensive problem.


A common element of many hurricanes, hail ranges in size and impact. The larger the hail and/or the harder it falls, the more hurricane roof damage it can cause. Our Houston roof experts can usually spot hail roof damage based upon the characteristic shingle divots it leaves behind, which weakens their protective features and typically signals the need for a Jersey Village roof replacement, as this type of hurricane roof damage cannot be repaired.

Hurricane Roof Damage May Warrant The Need For a Jersey Village Roof Replacement

Our Jersey Village roofer will look for the following types of roof damage, as these issues typically mean you need new Jersey Village roofing: 

  • Missing shingles
  • Buckled shingles 
  • Dislodged flashing
  • Pocked or windblown siding
  • Water infiltration
  • Leaks
  • Visible granule loss

A Jersey Village Roof Replacement with Our Houston Roof Experts

The best way to determine if your home sustained hurricane roof damage is to schedule an appointment for a free inspection with our Houston roof experts. Our knowledge and experience mean we can identify issues that other Jersey Village roofers may overlook, and unaddressed hurricane roof damage can lead to severe issues for your home over time. Now is a better time than ever to get a Jersey Village roof replacement; don’t leave the wellbeing of your property to chance before next year’s hurricane season and call Amstill today