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Houston roof experts laying down new roof shingles for sugar land roof replacement

How To Avoid Sugar Land Roof Replacement Scams

If you read our previous roofing article about the types of Houston roof damage you may experience this spring, then you may realize that the spring is a busy season for us Houston roof experts. A busy roofing season means scammers are becoming more and more active, so we wrote this article to offer signs that indicate you may be getting scammed. 

Door-To-Door Knocking

Although we certainly recommend getting a Sugar Land roof inspection after any storm, many scammers take advantage of this as a way to convince you that your home needs a complete Sugar Land roof replacement. They may try to convince you by saying that they can tell from just looking at your roof from the street or by saying that your neighbors also need a roof replacement (which may or may not be true).

Pushy Sales Attempts

Pushy sales attempts tend to follow once a scammer starts knocking. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, especially when it comes to a major investment like your roofing. First and foremost, good sales are all about forming strong relationships. Our Sugar Land roof replacement company recommends you exercise caution around roofers that appear to be pushing you to accept a job from them. Instead, take the time to search for different roof replacement companies yourself and find one that places value on education and trust.

Protecting Your Home From Sugar Land Roof Replacement Scams

The best way to avoid scam roofers is to be informed. Skilled scammers will look promising, but it’s always best to go with your gut instinct and take the lead when it comes to hiring Houston roof experts. Here are some of our top tips for finding a high-quality roofer that prioritizes your safety instead of your wallet. 

Need A Sugar Land Roof Replacement? Amstill Roofing Is Here To Help!

As fellow Houstonians, we want you to feel safe and secure under your roof, especially as we continue throughout the spring rainy season and near the beginning of hurricane season. Now that you are aware of some red flags, if you would like to determine whether you need a Sugar Land roof replacement and meet our inspectors, please contact us so we can start with a free roof inspection. We will be glad to inspect your roof and discuss your concerns.