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How To Avoid Sienna Roof Replacement Scams

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a Sienna Texas roof replacement, you’re likely doing so in an effort to improve your home’s value while also protecting your property with new and secure Sienna roofing. But what if you begin the process and discover that the contractor you’ve selected for the job is scamming you for your hard-earned money? It could end up costing more than what you’ve paid to a dishonest roofing contractor; you may be forced to finance the cost of repairs for unfinished or shoddy work, in addition to wasting your valuable time and effort. Our Houston roof experts have some tips to help you avoid the most common Sienna Plantation roofing scams.

How To Spot Sienna Plantation Roof Replacement Scams

It can be difficult to identify unsavory contractors, as they can be quite convincing and seem legitimate. Many victims who fall victim to the following scams don’t realize they’ve been duped until it’s too late. Here are some things to beware of:

Overly-Pushy Sales Attempts

Pushy roofing contractors should be an immediate red flag, as it begs the question: what’s the rush? A trustworthy Sienna Plantation roof replacement contractor will take the time to build a relationship with you, giving you a chance to consider your options before making a decision and working with you each step of the way. If a contractor is pushing you to rush into a contract, it’s likely they’ll rush the job as well (or not finish it at all).

Knocking on Your Door Immediately After A Storm

It’s wise to get a roof inspection after a storm, but companies who drop by shortly after the skies clear often make promises that are impossible to keep in order to secure your business. They might claim to offer a Sienna Texas roof replacement at no cost to you, insisting that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs. While this is sometimes the case, your insurance company will need to assess the damage themselves and make a determination regarding coverage based upon a number of factors these door-to-door scammers cannot predict.

Demanding Payment in Advance

A dishonest contractor may require payment in full before beginning your Sienna Plantation roof replacement, but then disappear before the work is finished or--in some cases--even started. 

How To Protect Your Home From Sienna Roof Replacement Scams

Choosing the right contractor for your Sienna Plantation roofing is the best way to avoid getting duped. You should thoroughly research your options, selecting a company with transparency and up-to-date certifications. Reviews, pictures of recent work, and customer testimonials are also useful in helping you determine if you’re working with a Sienna roofing contractor you can trust. 

Trust Our Houston Roof Experts With Your Sienna Plantation Roofing

Amstill Roofing takes great pride in our honest and reliable reputation. With over 47 years of industry experience right here in the Houston area, we’ve seen every scam imaginable and have cleaned up the mess many disreputable Sienna roofing contractors leave behind. So before you get swindled, contact our Houston roof experts to schedule a free inspection with our trained and certified staff of experienced, trustworthy professionals. We’ll treat you like family so that you can focus your time on protecting yours.