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How to Avoid a Bellaire Roof Replacement Scam

Investing in a Bellaire roof replacement is a great way to improve your home’s value while also protecting your property with new and secure Bellaire roofing. But the last thing you want to deal with is a dishonest roofing contractor who is attempting to scam you for your money, then leave you stuck to cover the cost of repairs for their unfinished or shoddy work. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of Bellaire roofing scams, which is why our Houston roof experts have these tips to help you avoid the ones they've seen the most often.

Bellaire Roof Replacement Scams

Disreputable Bellaire roofers can be difficult to identify because many can be quite charming and seem authentic. If you see any of the following red flags, it’s probably best to find a different Houston roofing contractor for your Bellaire roof replacement. 

Overly-Pushy Sales Attempts

No one likes a pushy salesman, so be wary of a Bellaire roofer trying to force you into a contract you haven’t had a chance to consider, or try to upsell you on unnecessary and often costly items. A trustworthy Bellaire roof replacement contractor will take the time to build a relationship with you, giving you a chance to review and weigh your options before making a decision. If a contractor is pushing you to rush into a contract, it’s likely they’ll rush the job as well.

Knocking on Your Door Immediately After A Storm

It’s a good idea to get a roof inspection after a storm in order to see if your home sustained Bellaire storm roof damage, but be suspicious of companies who pop by unannounced and claim to offer a Bellaire Texas roof replacement at no cost to you. They may suggest that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs, but this is not a prediction they can make without knowing your policy coverage, the extent of damage to your Bellaire roofing, or your insurance company’s assessment of the damage themselves. 

Asking for Payment in Advance 

You should never pay for work that hasn’t been finished, much less started. So keep your guard up when a roofing contractor asks for money before beginning your Bellaire roof replacement. In these cases, the roofer may disappear before the work is finished or--in some cases--even started. 

Protect Your Home From Bellaire Roof Replacement Scams

The best way to avoid these scams is to choose the right contractor for your Bellaire roofing. Make sure you research your options thoroughly before committing to someone, as well as select a company with transparency and current certifications. A trustworthy Bellaire roofing contractor will keep their websites up-to-date and post evidence of their projects, customer testimonials, and other information that shows their legitimacy.

Amstill Has Your Bellaire Roofing Needs Covered!

Our Houston roofers take great pride in the honest and reliable reputation we’ve spent the past 47 years building. As roofing industry experts, we’ve witnessed virtually every scam there is and have cleaned up the mess these disreputable Bellaire roofing contractors have left behind. So before someone takes advantage of you and your hard-earned money, call our Houston roof experts to schedule an appointment for a free roof inspection. Our trustworthy professionals will treat you with respect and ensure your Bellaire roof replacement is done right.