Roof Replacement

Thermometer against hot sky to depict Richmond roofing damage caused by the heat

How The August Heat Damages Your Richmond Roofing

In Houston, we are all too familiar with August as the hottest month of the year. If you don’t have a pool, then escaping the heat and humidity is especially challenging. Although your air conditioning usually suffices, a seemingly inaccurate thermostat suggests that your Richmond roofing has sustained damage and may require a Richmond roof replacement.

What Do High Temperatures Have To Do With Richmond Roof Damage?

When your roof is perfectly in-tact, your AC is, too. If your home exhibits Richmond roof damage, such as cracks or gaps, then your cooling system will have to “work harder” to keep your home cool and comfortable this month. When this occurs, you may start to notice a higher energy bill! With everything becoming more expensive, we want you to avoid this.

Get A Free Richmond Roof Inspection Before You Replace Your HVAC

Many homeowners who feel that their thermostat is no longer accurate enough will decide to buy a new one–or pay for HVAC servicing–but before doing this, start with a free Richmond roof inspection by Amstill Roofing’s Houston roof experts. When we go to your house for a roof inspection, we’ll walk your roofing and look for any and all signs of roof damage–minor and major. Once we complete our inspection, we’ll provide you with a report on our findings.

You May Need A Richmond Roof Replacement

One of the reasons why our Houston roof experts recommend that you get an inspection first is because, more often than not, we find that your roofing is the problem. You can get a new HVAC all you want, but if your roof is the underlying issue, you’ll have wasted money on getting a technician to your house and a new AC system when that money should have, instead, gone toward a much-needed Richmond roof replacement that will prevent issues with your home's internal temperature.

Our High-Quality Richmond Roofing Materials Help Conserve More Energy

If we find that you do, in fact, require a Richmond roof replacement, rest assured that our Houston roof experts use only the highest-quality, most reliable roofing materials available. When we have completed the roof replacement process, our Richmond roofing contractors will make sure your roof properly repels heat from entering your home and we’ll also educate you on how to best maintain your roof over the coming years.

Entrust Amstill Roofing To Provide Reliable Richmond Roof Replacement When You Need It

If you live in Richmond and you're noticing that your energy costs are higher than usual, or if you find that your thermostat seems inaccurate, please contact us so we can proceed with a free roof inspection and determine what is the root cause of your Richmond roof damage. We look forward to getting answers and doing the necessary work to safeguard your roof now and for years to come.