Roof Replacement

Family in their living room after a brand new Brookshire roof replacement

How Much Does Brookshire Roof Replacement Cost?

Are you wondering if it’s time to get a Brookshire roof replacement? While we certainly recommend getting a roof replacement if your roof shingles have reached the end of their lifespan, or if your roof has sustained storm damage over the years, then you might be wondering about the price right now too. In this article, our Houston roof experts will discuss how much you may expect to pay for your Brookshire roof replacement and what factors determine the cost.

The Cost Of Houston Roof Replacement

A new Houston roof replacement may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000, which comes out to about $240 to $340 per square foot of roofing. The national average price for a roof replacement is approximately $5,300. Although this is an average cost that serves as a baseline, other factors will ultimately determine a more accurate price on your Brookshire roof replacement.

How Is The Cost Of A Brookshire Roof Replacement Determined?

Brookshire, Texas Roof replacement is a labor-intensive process. Not only do you have to budget for labor costs, but other individual costs will need to be considered too, including:

Roofing Materials

Asphalt roof shingles are one of the most common types of roof shingles used in Brookshire, but we offer 3 other kinds of roof shingles, each exhibiting a different price. The roof shingles we offer for Brookshire roof replacement (priced low to high) are 3-tab roof shingles, laminate roof shingles, and architectural roof shingles. Here is how different roof shingles compare.

Roof Size and Shape/Pitch

A common assumption some homeowners make is that the roof is the same amount of square footage as the rest of their house, but this isn’t usually the case. When we go to your house for a free Brookshire roof inspection and offer an estimate, we’ll calculate the area of your roof for you.

Whether your roof is flat, slightly elevated, or very steep will also determine how large the roofing area is. Keep in mind that a steeper roof means a greater surface area. Determining the right surface area is crucial because this will also let us know how many shingles we need to install.

Our Houston Roof Experts Are Here When You Need Brookshire, TX Roof Replacement

If it’s time for a Brookshire roof replacement, please contact us so we can start with a free roof inspection and follow with a quote. If necessary, we offer roof financing options and can also help you obtain some coverage from your homeowner’s insurance. We look forward to protecting you and your home!