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How Long Does A Roof Last In Houston?

How Long Does A Roof Last In Houston?

Here in Houston, your roof is constantly being exposed to extreme and unforgiving weather conditions. Therefore, it is very important that your roof is in great condition to protect your home. If you suspect your Houston roof is on its last legs, it may be time for a roof replacement. Here at Amstill Roofing, we recommend a complete roof replacement based upon the following factors:

Your Houston Roof’s Age

It is very important to know the age of your roof. If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, you can check your roof’s warranty or have one of our professional Houston roofers estimate the age for you during a roof inspection.

Your Houston roof is constantly exposed to a variety of extreme weather conditions such as: heavy rains, strong winds, hail, and blistering heat and humidity. This constant barrage of extreme weather can severely weaken your roof shingles, especially if they have not been changed in 20 years or more. Most Houston roofs typically last 20 years. Therefore, if your roof is close to the 20-year mark or hasn’t been inspected in a long time, it’s time to give our Houston roofing company a call. A thorough roof inspection from our Houston roofing company will determine the health of your roof and whether or not it’s time for a roof replacement.

Your Houston Roof’s Shingles

A typical asphalt shingle lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 years before requiring replacement. However, because Houston is constantly exposed to extreme heat and abrupt temperature changes (thermal shock), roof shingles can develop cracks, resulting in diminished lifespan and premature failure. If the shingles on your roof are misshapen or breaking, then it may be time for a roof replacement.

The shingles on your roof make up your home’s first line of defense against Houston’s extreme weather conditions. Even if your roof shingles are relatively new, they are still subject to becoming cracked, misshapen, or loosened because Houston’s weather can be so brutal. Therefore, our Houston roofing company highly recommends keeping an eye on your shingles throughout the year.

Roof Inspection To Determine How Long Your Houston Roof Can Last

Unfortunately, although your roof may look like it’s in good condition, there may be significant wear and tear unnoticeable to the naked eye. The surest way to know your roof’s condition and how much longer it can last is to schedule a free roof inspection with our Houston roofing contractor company. During this inspection, one of our expert Houston roofers will thoroughly examine the condition of your shingles, as well as the rest of your roof. Upon completion of the inspection, our roofing professional will determine whether a roof replacement is necessary or not. This inspection is completely free of charge with absolutely no catch or obligation.

If you live in the Greater Houston area, including Memorial, Katy, Sugarland and the Energy Corridor, contact us today to determine how much longer your roof can last.