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engineered slate roof tiles on a houston roof replacement project

Houston DaVinci Roof Replacement After Hurricane Season

DaVinci Roofing products have been generating a lot of buzz thanks to savvy homeowners whose extensive research leads them to select the best materials for their Houston roof replacement projects. But how does the DaVinci line compare to other products, and is it the right choice for your home? If you’re considering a hurricane season roof replacement, our Houston roof experts are here to answer your questions regarding DaVinci roofing and its many benefits. 

The DaVinci Roofing Difference

The three unique qualities that set DaVinci roof tiles apart are thickness, a variety of widths, and multiple choices in color.

  • Thickness: DaVinci roof tiles are twice as thick as any other synthetic tile option available, with a 1/2 inch profile, adding valuable protection to your home. 
  • Multiple Widths: If you’re looking for an authentic and varied aesthetic, DaVinci slate and shake tiles are available in a standard mix of five tile widths to match any design profile.
  • Natural Colors: Unlike other synthetic roofing materials, only DaVinci Roofing tiles can be customized to fit your design preferences, with over 50 colors from which to choose that can then be blended to ensure a seamless and virtually limitless palette to match your unique vision.

Benefits Of DaVinci Roofing For Your Hurricane Season Roof Replacement

DaVinci Roofing tiles are not only a beautiful and distinctly upscale improvement to your home’s curb appeal, but they also offer added protection against the elements. If you’re in the process of a hurricane season roof replacement, you may want to consider DaVinci Roofing’s reputation as a leader in durability and added protection. This is based largely on their use of quality materials, which defend against the type of damage commonly seen in severe weather systems, such as hail, heavy rain, high winds, and destructive debris. Due to their ½ inch thickness, DaVinci slate and shake tiles can withstand hurricane damage better than other, thinner products on the market.

Is DaVinci Roofing The Right Choice for My Houston Roof Replacement?

Those who live in areas prone to extreme climate conditions, such as frequent hurricanes, strong storms, and excessive heat, might want to consider Davinci Roofing materials for their Houston roof replacement project. Because we experience significantly damaging weather patterns, it’s best to ensure the highest level of protection in order to better safeguard your property and ensure the longevity of your roof. 

Our Houston Roof Replacement Company Proudly Offers DaVinci Roofing Products

At Amstill Roofing, we understand the importance of choosing the right materials for your Houston roof replacement. If you’d like more information regarding DaVinci products, or would like a free inspection to assess your need for a hurricane season roof replacement, our team of professionals is ready to serve you and provide your home with the protection it needs in our finicky Houston climate. Call our Houston roof experts today!