Get an Inspection to See if You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

Get an Inspection to See if You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

The cold weather has subsided (for now) and spring is almost here, but we aren’t completely out of the woods. Spring brings a lot of rain as we gradually enter the Atlantic hurricane season, so it’s important to keep an eye on your roof’s current state. The best way to do this is by getting a roof inspection.

Get Your Houston Roof Inspected AT LEAST Twice a Year

We recommend going through two seasonal inspections a year. The best times to do so are during the spring, as well as during the fall, since these times of year offer more pleasant weather conditions.

When we check on your roof during the spring, we will assess how old your roof is, as well as the conditions of your shingles, valleys, and chimney flashing. We may even recommend an internal inspection to spot damage from inside your attic. Although the process sounds extensive, we do all of this to make certain your Houston roof ready for the more extreme weather that follows. 

Finance Your Roof Replacement

Upon completing our free roof inspection and determining if your roof is better off with a roof replacement, we will proceed with discussing payments. Paying to keep your roof sturdy so it can protect your house and your loved ones shouldn’t be a heavy burden. Your safety comes first, which is why we offer financing options. We also assist you in using your homeowner’s insurance so you can get as much financial help as possible for such a crucial part of your home. 

Sometimes, insurance companies may underestimate the damage your roof has undergone and not offer as much coverage as you need. We aim to make sure you get the coverage you need and deserve. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering to be present when an insurance adjuster conducts their own inspection of your roof. By the time the adjuster stops by, our roofers will have already completed our inspection, so we will be able to make sure the adjuster doesn’t miss even the subtlest signs of damage that warrant a roof replacement.

Contact Our Houston Roofers For a Free Roof Inspection Today

If you haven’t received a season inspection yet, then please contact us. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and happily complete a replacement. Over 90% of our replacements are completed within the day, thanks to our 40+ years of experience, which means you can enjoy the security of your home once again.