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Different Types of Shingles for Your Cypress Roof Replacement

Roofs are built to protect you from the outside, but they aren’t meant to last forever. When you think your roof is nearing its end, it’s time to consider a Cypress roof replacement. With a range of roofing materials available on the market, it can be hard to choose which one suits your home best. There are several factors to consider, such as the weather in your area, your personal taste, and your budget. Our Houston roof experts have put together information to help you pick the right type of shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Known for their immense durability, architectural shingles will last you decades when maintained properly. They are recommended in areas affected by extreme weather changes that go from storm season to drought. Architectural shingles are designed to withstand the strongest winds and blistering UV rays. But aside from being durable, they are also aesthetically pleasing. They simulate natural wood to give your home an elegant and timeless look.

Laminate Shingles

Similar to architectural shingles, the laminate type is made from synthetic materials, making it more practical than wood. They give off the same effect that shake or cedar shingles have but minus the flammability and heaviness. Laminate shingles may not be as thick as architectural shingles, but they are still very durable and can last for decades when installed flawlessly by a Cypress roofer. They also shield you from bad weather, especially during hurricane and hail season. 

3-Tab Shingles

Perfect for homeowners on a budget, 3-tab shingles are the affordable option for your Cypress roof replacement. They are lightweight and easy to install while still protecting you from the elements. You won’t have to stress about maintaining 3-tab shingles—they make upkeep easy. They also come in a variety of colors to suit different home exterior styles. 

DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Engineered Shingles are a superior addition to any home because of their durability and beauty. Amstill Roofing is one of two Masterpiece Contractors authorized by DaVinci Roofscapes to flawlessly install their products for your Cypress roof replacement. Choose from DaVinci slate and DaVinci shake that both come in a variety of colors. Why choose this brand? DaVinci Roofscapes offer natural beauty, premium performance, and lasting color.

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