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Houston roofer completing Pearland roof replacement

Deciding Between Pearland Roof Repair and Replacement

Have you sustained recent Pearland roof damage? If so, you may be wondering if roof repairs or if a full Pearland roof replacement is your best solution. Our trusted Houston roofing company can help you determine which option is best after performing a professional roof inspection, which will assess the extent of your Pearland roof damage. This article will help you better understand what we look for when offering our advice for your home and how best to protect it from future problems. 

What Our Houston Roof Experts Consider Regarding Your Pearland Roofing

Our Pearland roofers will take these factors into consideration when determining whether you need a Pearland roof replacement or if repairs will suffice: 

Age of Your Pearland Roofing

If your Pearland roofing is more than 10 years old, it may be more financially sound to replace it altogether, even if the Pearland roof damage is minor. That’s because the cost of Pearland roof repairs can add up over time, and the older your roof, the more frequent those repairs become. Considering that the Atlantic Hurricane Season began this week, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that an older roof may not properly protect your home from dangerous Pearland hurricane roof damage

Extent of Pearland Roof Damage

Pearland roof damage can vary greatly in severity. Our Houston roof experts conduct thorough roof inspections to ensure an accurate assessment is made regarding your Pearland roof damage. This allows us to offer our most informed recommendations for your Pearland roofing. If we uncover leaks, mold, rotting framing, wet insulation, or structural buckling and sagging, a Pearland roof replacement may be necessary.

Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Coverage

Pearland storm roof damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy, as your insurance company also benefits from a well-protected home. We can assist you with the claims process to help you get the coverage you deserve. Even if your policy doesn’t cover the cost of your Pearland roof replacement, we offer financing options that can allow

A Pearland Roof Replacement is a Smarter Investment than Repairs

While Pearland roof repair costs are less than a full Pearland roof replacement, they only offer a temporary solution to a problem you’ll need to address eventually. The average roof lasts 15-20 years, so making repairs on an older roof isn’t the best use of your money. Plus, a Pearland roof replacement will add equity to your home and make it easier to sell down the road. So consider the bigger picture when making the decision between Pearland roof repair and Pearland roof replacement, as the latter may cost more upfront, it will save you money in the end.

Choose Amstill to be your Pearland Roof Replacement Company 

Our reputation as the most trusted Houston roofer was built on more than 47 years of superior service and craftsmanship. If you’re ready to secure your home this hurricane season, contact us to schedule a free Pearland roof inspection. We can help you determine if your roof damage can be fixed with roof repairs or if a Pearland roof replacement is the better option.