Roof Replacement

DaVinci Roof Shingles Replace Storm Damaged Roofing

DaVinci Roof Shingles Replace Storm Damaged Roofing

Storm roof damage is a common issue our Houston roof experts uncover when inspecting Houston roofing. Because of our coastal locale, our area is prone to severe weather that can cause roof hurricane damage, roof hail damage, and roof wind damage, sometimes in a single storm! When these types of damage occur, a Houston roof replacement is often required. And because our area is more prone to severe weather, it’s often advised that homeowners consider DaVinci roofing products due to their durability and added protection against the elements.

Asphalt Roof Shingles Are More Prone To Roof Storm Damage

The shingles that make up your Houston roofing contain special oils that keep them strong in the presence of extreme weather conditions like storms and heat. As they age, however, these oils dry out and your shingles become brittle and crack when exposed to severe storms. This can lead to roof wind damage, especially if strong winds toss debris, such as tree branches or lawn decor, onto your roof. In addition to winds, you can sustain roof hail damage because hail can pierce and chip your roof when it’s increasingly brittle. 

Even newer Houston roofing is susceptible to roof storm damage if the weather is severe enough. For that reason, our Houston roof experts recommend a DaVinci roof installation for those who require a Houston roof replacement as a result of severe weather.

Protect Against Roof Hurricane Damage With a DaVinci Roof Installation

DaVinci roof shingles are made to withstand the elements and better protect your home from potential roof hail damage and roof wind damage than traditional asphalt shingles. These superior products are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, from brutal summer heat to frigid winter temperatures. The following features are standard for all DaVinci roof installation, thanks to a unique composite construction designed to protect against severe weather, fire, freeze and thaw cycles, and much more:

  • Class 4 Impact Rated
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Certified to withstand up to 110 mph winds
  • Lifetime limited material warranty

These performance standards provide customers with the peace of mind that comes with added protection for their families and their homes. If you choose DaVinci roofing for your Houston roof replacement, you’ll be investing in both beauty and security for many years to come. 

DaVinci Roof Installation with Our Houston Roof Experts

DaVinci roofing is beautiful, durable, and secure, which is why our Houston roof experts are proud to offer these products as a part of our exclusive line of roofing materials. If you’re ready to see if a DaVinci roof installation is right for you, call Amstill today and schedule a free inspection and estimate. We can even work with you to file a claim with your homeowner's insurance company, as well as provide you with financing options should you need them. Many of our customers even report a drop in their insurance premiums after a DaVinci roof installation, due to the added protection these superior materials offer against roof storm damage. We’d be honored to assist you in the Houston roof replacement process!