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Squirrel family living in a roof they damaged, causing the need for Kingwood roof replacement

Critter Roof Damage May Lead To Kingwood Roof Replacement

Spring is here, and so are the critters and pests that try to make your home their own. Though it might be nice to see flowers return and little furry animals wandering around, don’t dismiss them as harmless. In fact, if critters cause enough damage to your roof, this may very well lead to the need for a Kingwood roof replacement. In this article, we will explain why critters are a valid cause for worry and how we can take care of your roof for you.

What Critters Might You Spot On Your Kingwood Roofing?

With the return of spring, nature begins to flourish again. You may catch squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and other small animals scurrying across your roof. Though it may seem momentary and unimportant, the truth is that critters bring a lot of damage with them when they move onto your roof–and they bring worse damage when they try to move in. 

How Critters Cause Kingwood Roof Damage

Critters can cause damage in a number of ways, each of which severely weakens your roof. This is the last thing you want as we near hurricane season at the end of the spring, especially if your roof is already damaged and hasn't been maintained over the years.

Gnawing, Digging, And Scratching

Critters are notorious nibblers and scratchers. Sometimes they are the very beginning of your roof damage, and other times they simply worsen the damage that was already present. For example, you might see a critter scratch or dig at your roof, and this may be because they found some loose roof shingles and are trying to make their way into your attic. 

Breaking And Entering 

Once critters have torn at the exterior roofing shingles, they can now make their way into your attic where they may chew up wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall. Once they've chewed through, they may make their way into the rest of your home! All of this means severe weather can cause even more damage to your roofing and your home's structure.

Don’t Underestimate Little Critters–They Can Damage Your Roof To The Point Of Needing Kingwood Roof Replacement

Though you may deter critter roof damage by completing regular roof inspections and roof maintenance, sometimes your roofing structure is too far gone, resulting in the need for Houston roof experts to complete a Kingwood roof replacement for you. However, a brand new roof means that the structure has renewed integrity and is at its sturdiest, making it a lot harder for critters and weather to destroy it.

Amstill Roofing’s Houston Roof Experts Offer Affordable Kingwood Roof Replacement

If you’ve spotted critters lurking around your roof, then we urge you to please contact us. We will schedule a free roof inspection and check on the amount of critter damage your roof has sustained. Once we assess the damage, we will provide you with an estimate and discuss roof financing as well as how to get coverage from your homeowner’s insurance provider.