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Considering Houston Roof Replacement? Different Types of Shingles and How Long They Last

April showers may have ended, but we are still in hail season and hurricane season is on its way, so you may be considering a Houston roof replacement to ensure your roof is strong and your house and family, are protected as we gradually enter the extreme weather season. Did you know that Amstill Roofing in Houston offers multiple types of roof shingles? They each have different lifespans, which is crucial to consider when choosing the roof shingles you install.

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3-Tab Shingles

Let’s start with the most common type of shingles.

Chances are you and/or your friends have these on your roof. 3-Tab shingles are the most economical option for your roof. They get the job done affordably, which is why so many homeowners choose to get these installed. However, their popularity is declining in favor of higher-end options that last longer.

3-Tab shingles are single layer and are made with fiberglass. They are also coated with granules, which offer surface protection and reinforcement. Although fairly basic, their lifespan is about 20-30 years. Because they are single layer, they are lightweight, which means they are more prone to curling and blowing off your roof when there are strong winds.




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Laminated Shingles

The second type of roof shingle we offer at Amstill Roofing is known as the Laminated shingle. Compared to the 3-Tab shingle, these have an extra layer, meaning they can withstand strong winds and more severe weather conditions over time. Because of this, their lifespan is between 30-50 years and they offer a compromise between the most affordable and the most expensive.






 laminated shingles

Architectural Shingles

The highest-end rooftop shingle we offer is the Architectural shingle, sometimes referred to as the Designer shingle. This also makes them the most expensive option, but they are far superior. These slabs are even thicker and heavier than the aforementioned. Because they are very heavy and thick, this makes them highly durable and protective. The greatest benefit that Architectural shingles offer is that they can last between 50 years to a lifetime. They also offer a more decorative look when properly installed on your roof, which makes your home more attractive and valuable in the event that you decide to sell or lease it in the future.




Amstill Roofing Installs Houston Roof Shingles For Every Need and Taste

Now, please keep in mind that the lifespan of shingles is highly dependent on the weather and climate. In perfect weather year-round, your roof can last a long time. Realistically, though, a roof in Houston lasts about 10 to 15 years because of the extreme weather conditions we face every year. If you think the lifespan of your shingles may be reaching its end, then please contact us so we can start the process with a free Houston roof inspection. Once we complete our inspection, we will be able to determine if a simple roof repair will suffice, or if you need a roof replacement. In the case of a Houston roof replacement, we will help you determine which shingles best meet your house’s needs and your family’s needs.