Roof Replacement

Roof shingles installed during a Brookshire roof replacement

Brookshire Roof Replacement For Poorly Installed Shingles

Did you recently move to a brand new build, or perhaps just recently got a Brookshire roof replacement? Have you discovered a leak from the recent downpours the Greater Houston Area has experienced? If so, this might be due to a poorly executed Brookshire roof replacement. In this article, our Houston roof experts offer some signs that indicate your roof shingles were incorrectly installed and how we can help you correct this.

Signs Your Brookshire Roof Shingles Weren't Installed Properly

The following are some signs you should look out for when figuring out if your previous Brookshire roof replacement may have been poorly executed.

Missing Roof Shingles

This is the most obvious sign that your previous contractor did a bad job installing your roofing. A rather newly installed roof should not be missing any roof shingles unless a violent hurricane ripped through Houston. Even then, this isn’t likely when you have a brand new, properly installed roof that is securely in place.

Brookshire Roof Leak

A Brookshire roof leak occurs when roof shingles have been severely damaged, but if your roof hasn’t been around long enough for extensive damage to take place (you can always compare your roof with your neighbor’s), then a roof leak tends to raise suspicions and usually indicates that the roof shingles weren’t fastened properly or that the frame wasn’t built correctly if you live in a new build.

Reusing Old Flashing

It’s not illegal to reuse old flashing when completing a Brookshire roof replacement, but a reputable Brookshire roofer would never reuse old material, simply because of the fact that it would be weaker than the rest of the structure and cause more harm than good. 

What To Do If You Think Your Brookshire Roof Shingles Were Poorly Installed

These signs are very helpful to keep in mind when assessing the roofing job your contractor completed, but the best way to know for certain that your installation was faulty is by contacting our Houston roof experts for a free Brookshire roof inspection.

Amstill has been servicing roofs in the Greater Houston area for over 40 years, so we can successfully determine what caused these problems in the first place. Following our Brookshire roof inspection, we may recommend a Brookshire roof replacement to ensure that your roof is up to code and protects you and your loved ones this hurricane season. In most cases, if your roof is less than 10 years old, your homeowner’s insurance will offer full coverage for replacement, and we even offer Brookshire roof replacement financing options.