Roof Replacement

Homeowner holding miniature home up to the sun to symbolize how high temperatures may cause the need for cinco ranch roof damage replacement

Brace Your Cinco Ranch Roof For Scalding Temperatures

Heads up, Houston! August is right around the corner and we know it as the hottest month of the year. If you don’t have a pool, escaping the heat and humidity can prove to be a challenge. Although your air conditioning usually suffices, what if your thermostat appears to be inaccurate? If that’s the case, then chances are your Cinco Ranch roof has sustained damage that high temperatures may exacerbate.

What Do High Temperatures Have To Do With Cinco Ranch Roof Damage?

When your roof is perfectly healthy, your energy system is, too. Many homeowners who feel that their thermostat is no longer accurate may decide to buy a new one, but before doing this, we recommend getting your roof checked first!

If your home is exhibiting Cinco Ranch roof damage, such as cracks or gaps, then your cooling system will have to “work harder” to keep your home cool and comfortable next month. When this occurs, you may start to notice a higher energy bill.

Get A Free Roof Inspection Before Updating Your HVAC

Higher energy bills may lead homeowners to believe that they should get a brand new AC, but it’s quite likely that you actually need a Cinco Ranch roof replacement instead! The best way to find out if your home is due for a Cinco Ranch roof replacement is by getting a free roof inspection. Our Houston roof experts–which service roofs in Katy, Spring, Pearland, Bellaire, and other suburbs in Houston–will climb onto your roof and thoroughly examine it to determine if there is a problem with your roofing that warrants a Cinco Ranch roof replacement. We’ll even check on your attic to see if your roof insulation is damaged and/or if your roof is suffering from roof rot in the decking

Our High-Quality Cinco Ranch Roofing Materials Help Conserve More Energy

If you do, in fact, require a Cinco Ranch roof replacement, the Houston roof experts at Amstill Roofing use only the highest-quality, most reliable roofing materials available. When fully installed by our Cinco Ranch roofers, we will make sure your roof properly repels heat from entering your home and provides sufficient protection for your loved ones for the remainder of the summer and the hurricane season.

Entrust Amstill Roofing To Provide Top-Notch Cinco Ranch Roof Replacement

If you live in Cinco Ranch and are noticing that your energy costs are higher than usual, or if you find that your thermostat seems inaccurate, then please contact us so we can proceed with a free roof inspection and determine what is the root cause of your Cinco Ranch roof damage. If you need a Cinco Ranch roof replacement, we would love to safeguard your roof and restore your family’s confidence in its ability to keep you safe and comfortable this summer.