February: Houston’s Perfect Time for Roof Inspection

February happens to be one of the best times of the year for Houstonians to receive a free roof inspection from Amstill Roofing. This month is typically full of agreeable weather conditions. In Houston, the average highs range between 60 and 70 degrees and the average lows ranging in the mid- to high-40s.

Compared to most areas in the United States, Houston’s February is like spring. This is why we think this month is a perfect time to consider receiving a roof inspection. There are certain things to look for when considering a roof replacement. 


  • Age of Your Roof – This is a very important aspect of your roof to know. There is a big difference between viewing the roof from the ground and getting on top of the roof and inspecting possible problems. So even if the shingles seem in working order and nothing looks very out of place from the ground, there may be significant wear and tear. If your roof shingles haven’t been changed in about 20 years, then there is a good chance that it needs to be replaced. With constant rain, wind, and Houston’s extreme heat impacting your roof, receiving a roof inspection is a smart idea. (There are more expensive shingles that can last between 30-50 years.)
  • Shingle Condition – If your shingles are curling or breaking, then it may be time to have your shingles replaced. Shingles are used as an extra layer of protection and take the brunt of the atmospheric punishment doled out by Mother Nature. Keeping an eye on the condition of your shingles is a good idea. Even if they are relatively new, they can still become damaged, loosened, or removed by harsh weather.
  • Weak Spots – Sometimes you are able to see if there are weak spots in your roof from not even conducting a close-up and thorough inspection. If there are dips or “valleys” in your roof, they are sometimes noticeable. If water is collecting there or if the certain area is darkened, there may be substantial roof damage.


Receiving a thorough roof inspection from Amstill Roofing during this time of the year will ensure any roof damage is discovered. It will also help combat against future storm roof damage or hail roof damage. February is a month with mild weather conditions. This is the best time to consider roof repair or a roof replacement before more intense weather conditions arrive in the coming months.

If you need a dependable roofing contractor from the Houston area, then consider Amstill Roofing. We have been helping protect homes of the Greater Houston area since 1974 and we look forward to protecting yours.

Not Storm Chasers or Deductible Buyers

If a roofer offers to buy your deductible or that it won’t cost you a penny out of your pocket, stay away. That is insurance fraud in the state of Texas. Those type of roofers are what we call “storm chasers”.

Some companies will offer you a new roof without paying your deductible. How do they do it?

  • Using old materials that are no longer in production or defective to save money.
  • Pick-up labor from street corners so they can avoid high labor cost.
  • Re-using all of your vents / jacks on your roof system.
  • Not providing work with warranties or insurance covered crews.
  • Giving you a lesser grade material or roof system overall.
  • Usually they are working out of a truck and the company last only as long as the storm, so they have no overhead expenses.

Who would want a roof like the one mentioned above? Not many people, but some are fooled into it. We are here to educate you & make sure you make the ethical and correct decision. Don’t support these roofers.

To put this in perspective:

When you go to the doctors office or have a surgery you always pay your portion of it, your deductible. The insurance covers the rest. There is no budging on that price and you go on with your day.

But wouldn’t it be strange if a different surgeon asked to do your surgery & told you, you wouldn’t have to pay your deductible, that the surgery would be free.

That’s a raise for concern, maybe the doctor doesn’t have insurance, its his/her first surgery, they do the operation in a hotel, or has no idea how to do the surgery.

Just like surgery with a great surgeon, your roof requires a qualified and great roofer. Not just anyone with a pickup truck!

How serious is the algae streaking problem in the Houston area?

All of the homes in our service area are likely to develop algae streaking within a few years after installing a new roof. It’s my understanding that this is a nationwide problem, however, in Houston; it’s particularly serious because we’re near the Gulf Coast and our climate favors this troubling organism. Most people are very aware of the streaks because they’ve either experienced them on their own roof or seen them on roofs in their neighborhood, even if they don’t know algae is the cause.

Is roof cleaning an option for homeowners to remove the algae streaks?
Commercial roof cleaning services are almost nonexistent in this market, even though roof cleaning is common practice in some parts of the country. In fact, in many of Houston’s mid to upscale neighborhoods homeowners are more likely to replace a badly streaked roof than to clean it, even if the roof hasn’t reached its full service life. As a result, we’ve found that customers who are re-roofing for whatever reason, appreciate a chance to prevent the black streaks, which avoids replacing their next roof prematurely or living with another dirty looking roof

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7 Reasons Why Amstill is Different, in a Better Way

1) What makes Amstill Roofing different than all the other roofing companies?

At Amstill Roofing we are a roofing specialist company. 99% of our work is residential roofing.

We are also a family owned & operated company. We are one of the oldest roofing companies in Houston. Since 1974 we have strived to do only one type of roof, the best roof possible.

What this means for you, as the homeowner:

We are not decent at many trades; but instead we are a master of one, roofing.

2) What types of materials do you use compared to other contractors?

Unlike some of our competition, we believe a quality roof requires the correct materials. Many roofers use something called a 3-tab single on the hips & ridges of your home. The life span of that shingle is 10-15 years. It doesn’t make much sense to install that style shingle, when the rest of the roof will last 22-25 years for a 30yr roof.

At Amstill we upgrade you at no charge to the high-profile hip & ridge shingle. This shingle is twice as thick will last with the entire roof system we are installing.

On our standard application we use a 30lb felt (#30). Most roofer’s use a 15lb (#15) felt on their standard application. We don’t charge you the difference; instead we give you the greater quality material to compliment your roof system.

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