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Is It Time For A Roof Replacement For Your Aging Roof?

Many times, as long as there is no visible damage, we pay little attention to the state of our roof. However, if your roof is reaching the 20 year mark, it may be time for a roof replacement. Aging roofs become progressively more susceptible to damage as time goes on. Damage that may only require a simple repair on a new roof, could spell disaster for a roof nearing its final days. That is why we recommend a roof replacement approximately every 20 years. Save yourself money on expensive ongoing repairs, set up a roof replacement with Amstill today.


Why replace your roof every 20 years? Most people don’t know that this number is the average lifespan of standard roofing shingles. Typically, all roofs are outfitted with these shingles. As the shingles age, they begin to break down and open your roof up to the potential of extensive damage. In order to avoid ongoing repairs, the most cost-effective option is to choose a roof replacement.


If you are unsure of the age of your roof, it can be difficult to know when the right time to replace is. You may have bought the house from a previous owner who did not disclose the date of the last roof replacement, or you may have just forgotten. At Amstill, we know that you have too many things to keep track of, that’s why we take care of your roof. Free roof inspections with Amstill are a great way to assess the age of your roof. Our expert team will be able to judge whether or not your roof may be in need of a replacement soon. We promise all of our clients 100% honesty every time. We will never suggest a repair or replacement you don’t need.


If you may be in need of a roof replacement this holiday season, call us and schedule your free roof inspection today. We have been providing one day service to the Katy, Memorial, Sugar Land, Cypress, and Energy Corridor areas since 1974. Trust Amstill for your next roof replacement.

Amstill roofing can help you sell your west houston home with free roof inspections

Need A West Houston Roofer For Your Big Move?

A move to a new home is an exciting time. Whether you’re expanding your space to make room for a bigger family, or just looking to move to a new area, your move is a big deal. Selling your home can be a stressful time as well, but one thing you don’t have to worry about is your roof. If you are looking for a West Houston roofer to inspect your roof, trust our expert team at Amstill. With our free roof inspections, Amstill can help make your moving process a little smoother.


When you are getting ready to sell, our expert team of roofers can come out to your home and provide a free assessment of the condition of your roof. We will be able to recommend what the best course of action is to set you up for success, and make sure your home sells for a great price. Whether your roof is in perfect shape, or needs major work, we can let you know. That way, when potential buyers are asking questions, you have all the answers. Don’t be caught off guard by a damaged roof when you’re about to close a sale, let us help you make your moving process a little easier with our free roof inspections.


One of the best things you can get during the moving process is peace of mind. Knowing you don’t have to worry about a damaged roof during the selling process is a major way to achieve that. If you are looking for peace of mind during your moving process, give us a call today. Let Amstill help your moving process go as smoothly as possible with free roofing inspections in Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Memorial, and the Energy Corridor.

Greater Houston Area Roof Inspection Performed By Expert Roofer At Amstill Roofing

Trust Amstill For Your Greater Houston Area Roof Inspection

When was the last time your home had a roof inspection? If the answer is “I don’t know” or “I just can’t remember” then you may be setting your roof up for long-term damage. Getting your roof inspected regularly is an important part of maintaining a healthy home. Luckily, there is a solution. Trust our expert team of roofers this fall for your Greater Houston area roof inspection.


Our team has been working in Houston for decades, and we are here to help not just in Katy, but in Memorial, Sugarland, the Energy Corridor, and Cypress too. Our projects are typically completed in one day. That means more time enjoying all the benefits of your healthy roof. You can have your inspection and repairs completed in advance of the holidays. Don’t worry when rain, sleet, or hail comes around. Call Amstill for your fall inspection.


Our roof inspections are always free, and we recommend getting them seasonally. This allows our expert team to assess the condition of your roof and make any minor repairs that may have come up since your last inspection. Whether it is a loose shingle or something more severe, Amstill is here to help. We believe honesty is key in any business, which is why we will only recommend repairs that are truly necessary for the health of your roof. Sometimes, your roof will be in perfect shape, which is great. Having regular inspection gives homeowners peace of mind that their roof is in optimal condition.


If it has been too long since you had your roof inspected, let Amstill help. Our trusted team of expert roofers has been keeping roofs in Katy, Memorial, Sugarland, the Energy Corridor, and Cypress in their best shape for decades. Give us a call today to set up your free inspection.

Houston Roof Damage Roof Repair Roof Replacement Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Houston- It’s Time To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

We all know that Houston is known for humidity and heat, but those few weeks of cold every year are enough to make us all want to pull out our sweaters and curl up under some heavy blankets. If your home has roof damage, it may not be doing as much as it should be in insulating your home, and keeping your heating bill low. When the temperature hits the 50’s, or even lower, will your home be ready to keep you warm? This year, prepare your roof for winter with Amstill.


The first thing you should do is ensure you’re getting your seasonal roof inspections. We recommend doing this in the spring, before hurricane season, and in the fall. This helps keep your roof in top shape throughout the year, and helps fight the possibility of bad weather damaging a roof with existing damage. Allowing existing damage to be ignored means you open your roof up to a whole world of problems. From leaky roofing to faulty shingles, damage is no fun. It is much better to take care of the little problems as they come, instead of doing a major roof repair after a storm rolls in.


Having a healthy roof also means saving money on your heating and cooling bills. A healthy roof can help insulate your home, and prevent excess heat or cold from entering. If your roof has damage, it may be hiking up your bills each month. Having a regular roof inspection done by our professional team here at Amstill can save you money every year on expensive heating and cooling bills, and keep your house comfortable all year long.


Although Houston usually has mild and pleasant winters, don’t be caught off guard by unpredictable storms this season. Keep your whole home protected from potential hail, rain, or even ice. Whether you’re in Katy, Memorial, the Energy Corridor, Sugarland, or Cypress, our trusted roofers are here to help. Schedule a free roof inspection with Amstill this month to get the most out of your roof this winter. We look forward to helping you protect your roof this season, and every season.

seasonal inspection with amstill roofing for your roof inspection roof repair and roof replacement

Houston, Schedule Your Seasonal Inspection

With fall just beginning, and the weather getting more and more mild, the blazing summer heat is in our rear view mirrors. The whole city is getting excited to decorate their homes for Halloween and booking flights to see family for Thanksgiving, but in all that fall excitement, are you thinking about your roof? It could be time to schedule a seasonal inspection, and get your roof in shape before the holidays.


The Houston heat, as we all know, can be brutal. Not just for you and your air conditioning bill, but also for your roof. The beating sun and high temperatures can wreak havoc on your shingles, causing deterioration. Add the rains and wind of hurricane season, and you have a recipe for roofing disaster. At Amstill Roofing, we recommend twice yearly roof inspections to make sure everything stays in great shape. The spring and the fall are perfect times of year to have these inspections done. Don’t worry about putting the ladder up for anything but your Christmas lights this year, call us and let us inspect your roof. Our trained professionals know exactly what to look for when it comes to sneaky roof damage.


Keeping your roof maintained seasonally is the best way to save money and avoid expensive repairs in the long run. With our seasonal inspections, we are able to catch problems as they arise. Instead of waiting to notice a major problem, issues will be taken care of right away. Having a well-maintained roof can save you money on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year by keeping your house insulated from the top down.

We all know the rain in the Southwest Houston area, even out in Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, and the Energy Corridor, can be relentless. Your seasonal roof inspections will help keep the rain where it belongs, outside your house. When your roof is well-maintained, larger problems like rainwater leaking and structural water damage are far less likely to occur. These problems can be expensive to fix, and sometimes ruin not only your roof, but even your ceilings and floors inside your home. Here at Amstill, we are pros at keeping your roof in tip-top shape for years to come.


We love Southwest Houston. Whether you live in Katy, Memorial, Sugarland, Energy Corridor, or the Greater Houston area, we want your roof to be in the best shape it has ever been. The best way to do that is to give us a call. Schedule your fall seasonal inspection with Amstill and get your roof holiday-ready

enjoy a new roof this fall with houston roof inspections from amstill roofing roof repair roof replacement

Fall Into a New Roof in Southwest Houston!

Fall has finally arrived. With it comes football watch parties, trick or treaters, Thanksgiving dinners, and holiday celebrations. Many people in Southwest Houston are preparing for this exciting season by getting their homes in shape to entertain friends and family. The weather is finally starting to cool down, and you may be spending more time relaxing in the backyard or out on the patio. If your roof is aging or not looking its best, it is time to call Amstill. Keep the outside of your home looking as great as the inside with a new roof.


If your roof is reaching the 20-year mark, it is probably time for a roof replacement. Once your roof reaches this mark, it becomes increasingly more difficult for small repairs to fix the underlying problem. To keep your home in its best shape, and prevent further damage for the roof structure, it is time to replace. You have several options for replacement material at Amstill. We back all of our materials with a quality guarantee.


Whether you are looking to stick with standard 20-year asphalt shingles, or upgrade to more durable laminate or architectural shingles, we assure your home will come out looking its best. Our upgraded shingles can last anywhere from 30 to 50 or more years. These are a great choice for homeowners who want the extra security of heavier, thicker shingles.


Amstill is known for our top quality roofing and trustworthy team. Did you know that we can do so much more? Your beautiful new roof should have a fresh looking exterior to go along with it! Amstill Corporation not only provides roofing services to the Katy, Memorial, Sugarland, Energy Corridor, and Greater Houston areas, we also offer full service home improvement packages. These include painting, exterior siding, carpentry, window replacement, and even rain gutter systems. Keep your house looking amazing from the inside out with the best roofing team in Southwest Houston.


The first step to making your dream home a reality is giving us a call to set up an inspection. Our experienced roofing professionals will guide you through the roof replacement process. We can help you pick the best options for your home. Whether you are in Katy, Memorial, Sugarland, the Energy Corridor, or the Greater Houston area, we want your home to look its best. This fall, be proud to entertain in your backyard or patio with a beautiful new roof from Amstill roofing.

semi-annual inspection with southwest houston roofer amstill roofing for roof repair roof replacement roof damage

Schedule Your Semi-Annual Inspection This Fall

September is over, October is in full swing, and Houston is finally nearing the end of hurricane season. Every year from June through November, the unpredictable storms roll through and we prepare ourselves for what sometimes seems like endless rain. Rain, wind, and harsh sun can all wreak havoc on your roof, especially if it is aging. Set up a semi-annual inspection with Amstill Roofing and avoid further damage this winter.


It is reaching the time of year that is perfect to have your semi-annual inspection. We recommend giving us a call in the Fall and the Spring each year. This ensures your roof continues to be in the best possible shape. If we find anything wrong, we are able to quickly and easily fix it before the problem escalates. Although hurricane season was not as severe this year as we know it can be, Houston still saw its fair share of rain.

Schedule your fall inspection towards the end of hurricane season. This allows us to take a look at how the summer months weather may have taken a toll on your roof. Wind and heavy rain can uplift, dislodge, or damage your shingles. If left untreated, these minor fixes can lead to major damage under the surface. Long term this could extend past just roof repairs. Repairs to your ceilings and floors if water is allowed to get under the surface and seep through to the interior of your home are also possible.


Let Amstill Roofing keep your Houston area home in the best possible shape by setting up a seasonal inspection with us this fall! Whether you’re in Katy, Memorial, the Energy Corridor, Sugarland, or the greater Houston area we are Houston’s top choice for a job well done. Don’t let shady roofing companies talk you into repairs you don’t need. Trust the best in the industry for keeping your roof looking new for years to come. Trust Amstill Roofing for your next project.

houston roofers amstill roofing the best choice for roof repair or roof replacement in southwest houston

Pick Local Southwest Houston Roofers For Your Next Project

If you are looking for a roofer in the Katy, Memorial, Energy Corridor, Sugarland, or Greater Houston area, think local. Amstill Roofing has been proudly serving the great city of Houston and its surrounding areas for decades. Our knowledge of this city, its homes, and the way our unpredictable Houston weather may affect your roof makes us the top choice in Southwest Houston roofers. The whole Amstill team is highly certified and the best at what we do.


We know the area, and we love it. Amstill has been getting to know Houston for a long time. This makes us experts in what will work best for your Southwest Houston home. We believe quality work comes not only from the best materials, but having the best team. Many of our team members have been a part of the Amstill Roofing family for more than a decade. Providing Houston with the best service in the industry year after year is out passion, and it shows. Almost every project we do is completed in just one day. That means you spend less time under construction, and more time enjoying your beautiful new roof.


A roof is in investment in your home, we know that. That is why we have prided ourselves on reliable, trustworthy, honest service to the Southwest Houston area. It’s not just talk, we’ve won awards for this stuff. Don’t let inexperienced or shady roofers cut corners or deceive you. What may seem like a great deal at the time could cost you majorly in repairs and replacements in the long run. You can always trust Amstill to do it right the first time.


Not sure if your roof needs replacing, or maybe just repairs? Are you skeptical of an inspection from a shady roofing company, and need a second opinion? We are always happy to provide homes in the Katy, Memorial, Sugarland, Energy Corridor, and greater Houston areas with free and honest inspections. We can even show you pictures. With Amstill, you will never have to worry about false inspections or improper technique. Our roofs are built to last.

Give us a call today to set up an inspection, and let us give you the roof you have been dreaming of.

Roofer in southwest Houston working on roof for roof repair or roof replacement.

Hey Southwest Houston! Get Your Roofs Storm Ready

With the types of storms Houston experiences, making your roof storm proof isn’t possible. What is possible is making your roof storm ready.

At Amstill Roofing, we have been making Houston homes storm ready since 1974. For homeowners in southwest Houston, like Memorial, Katy and Sugarland, this may be music to your ears.


From roof repairs to roof replacements, Amstill Roofing makes sure that every customer’s home is ready for the storms and weather conditions ahead. Our professional roofing experts have been building roofs for decades and understand fully the difference in the quality of materials created by various manufacturers. If you have questions about the durability of certain shingles or roofing products, then simply ask away. Our goal with every project is to make certain that every customer has every question and concern addressed. This is simply part of our dedication to excellent customer service.

When it comes to choosing between a roof repair or a roof replacement, it is best to have one of our highly trained roofers conduct a free roof inspection. This will enable us to figure out if the problems you are experiencing can be addressed quickly with a repair, or if your roof has sustained too much damage or is simply too old and needs a roof replacement. Regardless of what you need, after we are through, your home will be storm ready.

If you live in the southwest Houston area, like Sugarland, Katy and Memorial, we want to be your roofer for life. If you haven’t heard of us, check out our reviews from our customers. We are proud to stand by our work because we know that it is the best in the business.


When it comes to roofing, don’t trust your biggest financial asset to anyone else. Amstill Roofing is here to earn your trust by excellent and customer service. We look forward to performing great roof work for you. Contact us today.

Rain and storm damage to roof in Houston. Get a roof replacement or roof repairs from Amstill.

Is Your Houston Home Ready for the Height of Hurricane Season?

The East Coast has already experienced a massive hurricane, which is a telltale sign that hurricane season is at its peak season. Now is the time to ensure that your roof is ready for the worst weather conditions Houston annually receives. At Amstill Roofing, our professional and experienced roofers will make certain that your roof is strong and healthy enough to take on just about any weather condition.

This time of year is full of strong winds and heavy rains, which cause debris, like tree limbs, to fall on your roof. If your roof is close to expiring, then it could be too weak to endure some of the beatings it will take. Our Houston roof experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to see if there are any weak spots that should be addressed, or if it is time to replace your shingles.


If your roof has soft spots, major cracks, or expired shingles, then it is simply time to replace your roof. A roof replacement is sometimes a necessary part of home ownership. It is designed to save you in the long run by making certain that there you aren’t continually having to have roof repairs conducted.

This doesn’t mean that every roof that has cracks or breaks should receive a roof replacement. More often than not, a roof repair is the only work necessary for the roof. These repairs can replace areas where shingles are missing, correct cracks that creating leaks, or replace sections of the roof. But this is why a roof inspection is often necessary. A roof inspection will enable you to know whether your roof will be able to withstand the hurricane season with just repairs.


Hurricane season is no joke. Don’t wait to see what will happen if you know there is a good chance your roof won’t be able to withstand intense weather conditions. Our roofers can conduct a complimentary roof inspection to see if your roof is ready for the season. Contact us today to schedule your inspection or replacement.