Storm damage in Houston impacts roofs. Get yours inspected today.

Have You Suffered Storm Damage? Call Amstill

Until November, it looks like Houston will be experiencing extreme weather. This is the annual case for our city due to hurricane season. All of southeast Houston, like Memorial, Katy, Sugarland, and the Energy Corridor, experience high heat and heavy rains throughout the summer and the fall. These extreme weather conditions can cause storm damage to your roof.

Storms cause billions of dollars in damages every year and one of the main areas that take the brunt of these damages is roofs. Storm damage to roofs can range from missing shingles to falling limbs. Regardless of the type of damage from a storm your roof has encountered, taking care of the damage quickly is essential to mitigating costs.


Before major storms hit the Houston area, we recommend getting a roof inspection. A roof inspection with Amstill Roofing can catch small issues that can become major problems before a big storm, like a hurricane, hits.

Each year, Houston and its surrounding areas, like Sugarland, Memorial, Katy, and the Energy Corridor, encounter a hurricane or the remnants of a hurricane hitting somewhere off the Gulf Coast. The best way to make certain your roof can stand up against a large storm is to have your roof checked by one of our roofing experts.

At Amstill Roofing, we have been conducting roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof inspections since 1974. Checking to make sure every roof is as ready as possible for any type of weather condition is simply one of our jobs. Our goal is to provide the very best roofing service in Houston, and ensuring the health of a homeowner’s roof is part of that.


If you have had your roof for 20 years or more, then you should consider receiving a roof inspection. Our roof inspections are complimentary because we want to make certain every homeowner and their families are safe regardless of what Houston’s weather conditions throw at them.

Contact Amstill Roofing today and make certain your roof is ready for anything.

Roof repair needs can be conducted by our Houston roofing company.

Professional, Experienced Roofing for the Katy Area

Finding professional, experienced and trustworthy roofers in the Houston area can be difficult for homeowners. The Greater Houston area expands widely, making it hard for homeowners in various areas, like Katy, to get the roofing work they need.

For Katy, TX residents, Amstill Roofing is here to provide you with exceptional roofing service, which includes roof repairs and roof replacements. We use only the very best materials when conducting roofing jobs, which ensures every customer receives top of the line service with long-lasting warranties.

Amstill Roofing has been serving the Greater Houston area since 1974 and has been providing various types of roof work due to storm damage, old age, and falling debris. Our goal is to protect the homes of Houstonians by establishing strong roofs that last for decades. For people in Katy and the rest of Houston, they know how the weather in southeast Texas can change quickly. These weather changes, from heavy rains to extreme heat, are harmful to a roof by causing wear and tear.


We advise our customers to receive roof inspections to ensure their roofs are healthy for the coming years. Smalls issues, like missing shingles or leaves collecting on the roof, can lead to major problems that can turn from simple and inexpensive to complex and costly.

Roof inspections conducted by our roofing experts help make certain that your shingles are in good working condition, that the interior of roof doesn’t have cracks or breaks, and there are no soft spots on the roof. Catching issues before they become problems can save you a lot of money in the short- and long-term. It can also prevent extreme damage in time of major storms, like hurricanes.


Amstill Roofing can provide your Katy home with necessary roof protection. Contact our Houston roofing company and schedule your roof inspection appointment. Our roofers also service Memorial, Sugarland, and the Energy Corridor.

Hurricane season in Houston. Make sure your roof ready for storms.

Hurricane Season Is Back! Is Your Houston Roof Ready?

Hurricane season officially began on June 1, which means we are well into the worst weather season for Houston. There isn’t one Houstonian, or probably one American, who doesn’t remember vividly what happened last year with Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey was named a 500-year and even a 1000-year storm, and rightfully so. The flooding devastation from the storm was practically unprecedented. This means there’s a good chance (knock on wood) we will never experience a storm like this again in our lifetime, and possibly within the next few centuries. But this doesn’t change the fact that hurricanes will be making their way to Houston every year; perhaps not the brunt of the storm, but definitely the remnants. With every hurricane season, we always ask the same question: is your Houston roof ready?


At Amstill Roofing, our roofing professionals are here to protect your home by establishing a strong roof. We use on the best materials for our roofs. This ensures that our roofs are guaranteed through the decades to stand up against storms and various weather conditions.

If your roof is older than 20 years old, then there is a good chance that it needs to be replaced. Typically roofs last about this long. The best way to find out if your roof needs to be replaced or just repaired is to undergo a roof inspection. A thorough roof inspection will measure the health of your roof, which includes the shingles and the interior of the roof.

Amstill Roofing specializes in roof replacements and roof repairs. If your Houston roof needs repair or replacement, then be sure to get this done before hurricane season begins to thoroughly impact the Houston area.


If your home is located in the Greater Houston area, including the Memorial, Katy, Sugarland and Energy Corridor areas, contact Amstill Roofing today and schedule a roof inspection to find out if your roof is ready for this hurricane season and the others to come.

Before and after of Houston roofing work by Amstill Roofing.

Houston Roof Inspection to Protect Your Home

How old is your roof? If you don’t know, then it may be nearing its expiration. If your shingles are reaching their 20-year mark, then it’s time to receive a roof inspection from one of our roofing experts at Amstill Roofing.

A roof inspection is very important for the life of your roof. This allows us to make sure your shingles are healthy and strong, and our roofing experts will be able to check for soft spots in the roof and places where water is collecting. All of these issues can cause serious problems, not just to your roof, but also to the interior of your home.


Getting a roof repair or a roof replacement does cost, but catching issues before they worsen can save you a lot of money. If you put off roofing issues for too long they can cause internal damage within our attic.

CRACKS IN THE ROOF: If water begins to seep through cracks or breaks in the roofing structure, then it can create mold, which can cause health issues to you and your family. Removing mold from your roof and attic can be a very costly endeavor because it requires removing and replacing sheetrock, insulation, and plywood. If there are cracks in your roof, get your roof repaired quickly.

OLD SHINGLES: If your shingles are nearing their 20-year mark, then it may be time for them to be replaced because 20 years is typically the life of shingles. However, this warranty is commonly for 3-tab shingles. At Amstill Roofing, we provide three types of shingles: 3-tab shingles, laminate shingles, and architectural shingles. Depending on the type of shingles you choose, they could have a warranty for 50 years or more.

Our roof inspectors can evaluate the health of your shingles and overall roof. We provide free roof inspections to all customers. We do this because we care about the safety and security of everyone’s home in the Houston area.

If you are concerned about the health of your roof, then contact Amstill Roofing today. We serve all of the Greater Houston area, including Sugarland, Katy, Memorial and the Energy Corridor.

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Does Your Houston Home Need a Roof Replacement?

This summer is a great time to get a roof replacement. The weather is typically mild, except for the heat, which means storms won’t get in the way of putting together a new roof for your Houston home. It is also the perfect time to replace your roof because summer precedes hurricane season, which is the time of year your roof needs to be most secure.

At Amstill Roofing, our Houston-based roofing contractor company focuses on all of the surrounding areas, including Memorial, Katy, and Sugarland. We have helped thousands of Houstonians secure new and sturdy roofs over the years and we are here to help make sure your roof is ready for whatever Houston weather will throw at it.


Since we’ve been in business since 1974, we have had plenty of time to prove ourselves, not only to local residents of Houston, but also to material suppliers. This is why we are able to offer very affordable roofing prices to our customers. Our roofing material suppliers know our work and trust us. We have been acknowledged by several roofing material companies for our work, including GAF and TAMKO. We have been given the highest grade attainable by the Better Business Bureau, and are CertainTeed Select ShingleMasters. Our work stands on its own.

When it comes to getting a roof replacement, we offer the best warranties, some reaching the lifetime of the shingles. Our Houston roofing company focuses on quality and endurance. Amstill provides every customer with highly professional roofers who are experts in their field. Almost all of our work is started and completed on the same day, which makes choosing us more than beneficial for your home and your family.


Don’t let summer pass you by without taking care of your roof. If you are in need of a roof replacement, then contact us today. If you haven’t had a roof replacement in more than 20 years, then you are due for a roof inspection to make certain your roof is healthy enough to endure the coming years of Houston weather. We look forward to protecting your home by providing you a strong roof.

Family With Luggage Leaving House For Vacation. New roof replacement schedule.

Come Home to a New Roof After Vacation

Are you planning to go on vacation soon but still need a new roof? If so, Amstill Roofing can help. Our roofing experts will make certain that your roof is completely renovated by the time you and your family come back home from vacation.

Our roofing contractor company covers all of the Greater Houston area, including Memorial, Sugarland, the Energy Corridor, and Katy. We have been providing Houston homeowners with strong, durable roofs and excellent customer service since 1974. We have earned the trust of Houstonians the city over and always guarantee our work.


A vacation is the perfect time for you to relax and take it easy. Many homeowners prefer to be away from the house whenever home construction is going on. Nobody likes trying to relax while there is hammering on top of the roof.

If you need a roof replacement or a major roof repair, then request one of our roof professionals to visit your home and survey your roof. During this inspection, we will take notes on specific problems within the roofing structure, the age of the shingles, and if there are any potential problems that could arise in the near future.

Amstill Roofing has been built on trust and excellent work. Our reviews from our customers speak to that. We also only use the highest quality roofing material and equipment, which helps guarantee our work for the long-term. Whenever a Houston homeowner purchases a roof replacement or a roof repair from our roofing company, they know they are getting nothing short of the very best in every aspect: work, material, and customer service.


If you are planning to purchase a roof replacement or take care of a roof repair, then contact Amstill Roofing today. We are here to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. And if you plan to go on vacation soon, we can still take care of your roof.

Roofing company in Houston serving the Memorial, Energy Corridor, Katy, and Sugarland areas.

Is Your Roof Protecting Your Home from the Houston Heat?

The Houston Astros used to play a song during their commercials called “The Heat Is On.” From the looks of it, the Astros are in the midst of another pennant race, and from the feel of it, the heat is definitely on in Houston. You know what else is on? The air conditioning.

The combination of high heat and old roofs can create costly energy bills, but you can beat back the heat and lower your bill by getting a roof replacement.

If your roof is 20 or more years old, then it is definitely time to get a roof replacement. At Amstill Roofing, our roofing experts can put a new roof over your head that will increase your energy efficiency.


Our Houston roofing company provides various roofing shingles options that can fit your budget and also assist in lowering your energy costs. Our roofing professionals are here to help you make the right choice for your roof. Here are the shingles our roofing company provide to homeowners in the Houston area, including Sugarland, Memorial, Katy, and the Energy Corridor:

  • ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES: The architectural shingles are the thickest composite shingles on the market. Due to their thickness, they deflect heat more effectively than thinner shingles. These types of shingles also last the longest and have the longest warranty – typically 50 years to a lifetime.
  • LAMINATE SHINGLES: Laminate shingles are thinner than the architectural shingles, but thicker than the 3-tab shingles. These types of shingles can help in deflecting heat, but it would be prudent to ensure there is a good layer of insulation under the roof. These type of shingles offer a really good warranty as well, typically ranging from 30 to 50 years.
  • 3-TAB SHINGLES: These type of roofing shingles are the least expensive on the market. Due to their lack of thickness, it is recommended to have a good amount of insulation in the attic and it wouldn’t hurt to have a radiant barrier applied as well. Houses with good shade from trees typically do well with energy costs. The warranty on these shingles typically are no more than 20 years.


If you have noticed problems in your roof or that your energy bills have dramatically increased over the years, then it may be time to schedule a roof replacement from Amstill Roofing. Before we conduct any work on your roof, we always provide a roof inspection to make certain your roof gets the care it needs. Contact us today for one of our roof inspectors to come to your home.

Hail in hand on a rooftop after hail storm. Houston roofing company for roof repair.

Protect Your Home from Hail Damage

Houston is known for unpredictable weather. One of the more rare and unpredictable weather conditions is hail. Hail is not an often occurrence in Houston, but when it does happen, it can be destructive. There were five reports of hail storms in Houston in 2016, but only one in 2017. But for roofs to be damaged, it only takes one hail storm.

This destructive phenomenon can cause serious roof damage, especially if the hail reaches a large enough size. Hail damage is an aspect of the weather that homeowners should keep in mind. Not having home insurance to cover the potential damage could be very costly.

Our roofing experts advise all of our customers to be certain to have insurance for their roof. This is important because the roof takes the brunt of all weather conditions, like rain, hail, and heavy winds. The roof also has to sustain the impacts of flying debris during storms, which can cause damage to roofing shingles and the roof structure.


Hail damage to roofs is just one of the many ways the weather can cause problems for Houston homeowners. After a severe storm, we recommend scheduling one of our roofing experts to come conduct a free roof inspection to make certain the storm did not cause any unseen damage. These problems could become worse over time and lead to very expensive restoration processes. Assessing the health of your roof and shingles is very important because it will help fend off severe thunderstorms and protect your home.

If your roof does sustain damage, our roofing professionals can quickly address and correct any and all damages. Amstill Roofing is known for quick, professional, and efficient roof repair and roof replacement.


Contact Amstill Roofing today if your home is affected by hail damage, or any type of storm damage. We recommend contacting our office before a storm negatively affects your roof.

BBB Amstill Roofing

How We’ve Become Houston’s Best Roofing Company

Since 1976, Amstill Roofing has been serving Houston homeowners with exceptional roofing service. Our goal is to continue to strive for this excellence every day with every roof. Over the past number of decades, our Houston roofing company has continued to achieve excellence and has been acknowledged constantly by various accrediting companies.


Amstill Roofing has achieved the highest grade with the Better Business Bureau with an A+. The BBB has continued to remain the most trusted source for consumers to find out about businesses, and we are happy to show that we are more than approved by the BBB.

Along with an A+ rating with the BBB, here are some more of our accolades:

  • CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster: This certification requires meeting certain standards as well as abiding by a code of ethics.
  • Owens Corning Certified Preferred Contractor: This certification ensures we meet certain criteria, like being in business for at least three years (Amstill has been in business more than 14-times that amount), not experienced any adverse legal action, attaining required credit standards (passing the Dun and Bradstreet credit analysis), and good professional reputation and customer references.
  • GAF Certified Roofer: We are proud to be certified by GAF, one of the most well-known roofing-related businesses in the industry. We continue to meet and surpass their standards.
  • TAMKO Certified Roofer TAMKO is another incredibly well-known roofing business and their certification and recognition of Amstill is further proof of our dedication to all of our Houston clients.
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award: Amstill Roofing has also been a continual Super Service Award recipient.


If you are looking for a Houston roofer you can trust, then contact Amstill Roofing today and schedule a time for one of our expert roofers to come to your house and conduct a free roof inspection. We look forward to earning your trust and your business.

Houston roofing company prepared to maintain roofs for cold front.

Is Houston’s Cold Front Giving You a Chilly Roof?

You’ve probably noticed the cold front that recently came through Houston. Then again, how could you not? Houstonians prefer the heat, or at least anything but the cold. If you noticed that your home was having a difficult time staying warm regardless of the heater being on, then you may have issues with your roof.

When a roof has cracks, missing shingles, or other problems, then air can easily get into the roof’s structure. This makes it more difficult for a home to remain warm or cold, depending on the weather conditions. This issue can cause energy bills to dramatically increase. It can also lead to further problems in the roof. Either way, the costs of not maintaining your roof can be much higher than you would expect.

If this cold weather is a nuisance to you, it could still benefit you in the short- and long-term.


At Amstill Roofing, our Houston professional roofers conduct free roof inspections to make certain your roof is in proper working condition. We also inform you of just how much life is left in your roof. Roof shingles provide tell-tell signs of how much longer than can be expected to last.

We check for weak spots in the roof. Taking care of these areas can ensure further problems won’t take place, like rotting or collapse, which can be very costly. Areas that have cracks aren’t just bad for energy bills; they are bad for the interior of the roof. Rain can easily seep into the roof and create mold and cause the sheetrock of the ceiling to cave in. Correcting these Houston roofing issues early is the best course of action.


If you are experiencing an unexpected increase in energy bills, then you should consider getting your roof inspected. Contact Amstill Roofing today and let us maintain your roof.