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Is Your Roof Ready for Houston's Rare Cold Weather?

If you haven’t noticed, we have. The weather has gotten a little more chilly. Houstonians know that this pleasant and cooler weather won’t last very long, which means we have to take advantage of it in every way. One way to take advantage of it is by gauging the temperature in your house and how difficult it is to warm. If your heating system is working too hard to warm your home this fall and winter, then you may have cracks and breaks in your roof structure.


At Amstill Roofing, our Houston roof experts will conduct a free roof inspection. Our primary concern for every homeowner is to ensure their roof is safe and secure. This means checking for breaks or cracks in the roof, missing shingles, and inspecting the life of the shingles. Here is why we do these inspections:

  • ROOF BREAKS AND CRACKS: When a roof has breaks or cracks in its structure, wind, rain and other elements can get inside and cause internal damage. This roof damage can range from mold to collapsing ceilings. When cold winds are uninhibited, it can really force the heating system to work harder than necessary, causing Houston homeowners to pay more in energy bills than necessary.
  • MISSING SHINGLES: When shingles are missing, this makes it easier for the roof structure to sustain damage. Shingles are the first line of defense for your roof. Our inspections will check the life of your shingles and assess whether they need to be replaced or not. Shingles typically go missing when they have been hit with strong winds, tree limbs and harsh weather conditions. Old shingles are more likely to go missing when these instances occur.
  • OLD SHINGLES: The last thing your roof needs is old shingles protecting it. They are apt to fly off with strong winds or crack and break with time and bad weather. The typical age for replacing shingles is 20 years.


If your roof is struggling to protect your home or if you think your roof may be in its final year of life, then contact our roof replacement professionals. Amstill Roofing is here to check your roof and ensure it is prepared for whatever the Houston weather sends its way.