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Is Your Roof Halloween-Ready or Just Scary?

The scariest time of year is right around the corner. Halloween is a moment of tricks and treats, but what about your roof? If your roof is playing tricks on you with leaks or missing shingles, then let Amstill Roofing treat you to a strong and durable roof.

As the month of October comes to an end, the fall weather will become noticeable in Houston. Having missing shingles or old shingles can create leaks and cracks in the roof. These are created because there isn’t protection or there is less protection for the plywood and underpinnings.

Make sure your home feels inviting to everyone who comes over, even if they’re just ringing the doorbell and leaving after getting some candy. At our Houston roofing company, we ensure that your roof makes for a very inviting home. We also ensure that your roof will do its job to protect the rest of your house.


Maintaining your roof is essential to protecting the rest of your house. Our roofing professionals conduct roof inspections to ensure that your roof isn’t taking on any damage from weather conditions. Simple problems within the roof can lead to some scary problems.

Here are some issues that can take place if Houston roof repairs are taken care of in a timely manner:

  • LEAKS IN THE CEILING: How does rain leak onto your ceiling? Through the roof. If there are cracks or breaks, even small ones, rain can seep through and cause your ceiling to collapse or suffer water damage. Either way, it would require a replacement of the affected area in your ceiling, along with correcting the issues in the roof.
  • MORE MISSING SHINGLES: Leaving missing shingles on the roof can lead to more missing shingles. When harsh winds hit the gaps in the shingles, it can cause them to be lifted out of place or torn, especially if the shingles are old.


Before Halloween hits, contact Amstill Roofing to fix every problem you may be experiencing. We will inspect your roof for free and inform you of the health of your roof. We look forward to ensuring your roof is ready for the season and for the many seasons to come.