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Protect Your Home from Hail Damage

Houston is known for unpredictable weather. One of the more rare and unpredictable weather conditions is hail. Hail is not an often occurrence in Houston, but when it does happen, it can be destructive. There were five reports of hail storms in Houston in 2016, but only one in 2017. But for roofs to be damaged, it only takes one hail storm.

This destructive phenomenon can cause serious roof damage, especially if the hail reaches a large enough size. Hail damage is an aspect of the weather that homeowners should keep in mind. Not having home insurance to cover the potential damage could be very costly.

Our roofing experts advise all of our customers to be certain to have insurance for their roof. This is important because the roof takes the brunt of all weather conditions, like rain, hail, and heavy winds. The roof also has to sustain the impacts of flying debris during storms, which can cause damage to roofing shingles and the roof structure.


Hail damage to roofs is just one of the many ways the weather can cause problems for Houston homeowners. After a severe storm, we recommend scheduling one of our roofing experts to come conduct a free roof inspection to make certain the storm did not cause any unseen damage. These problems could become worse over time and lead to very expensive restoration processes. Assessing the health of your roof and shingles is very important because it will help fend off severe thunderstorms and protect your home.

If your roof does sustain damage, our roofing professionals can quickly address and correct any and all damages. Amstill Roofing is known for quick, professional, and efficient roof repair and roof replacement.


Contact Amstill Roofing today if your home is affected by hail damage, or any type of storm damage. We recommend contacting our office before a storm negatively affects your roof.