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October Will Continue to Bring Houston's Unpredictable Weather

Now that September is over, the peak of hurricane season has ended. But that doesn’t mean we are clear of storms, flying debris, and heavy winds. As the cold fronts begin to come in, we must brace for the typical Houston weather, which is unpredictable.

October sometimes brings cooler weather and sometimes it can be really hot. It’s a climatic hodge-podge. As Houstonians, however, we have learned to live with it.

At Amstill Roofing, we know that whatever the Houston weather brings, we will be prepared for it. After this past month of devastation due to Hurricane Harvey, there are countless homes in need of a lot of repair, including roof repair. We have been working around the clock taking care of our great clients because know a weak or damaged roof can easily be impacted by incoming weather conditions.


If your roof has been in existence for 20 or more years, then it has seen a lot of storms and has fought a good fight. The 20-year mark, however, is commonly the end of a roof’s existence. The roof will need new shingles and possibly new plywood placed down.

If you have a relatively new roof, but are suffering from roof leaks or missing shingles, then it is time to have one of our Houston roofing specialists to visit your home. Whether age or storm damage, our specialists can determine the cause of your roof damage and how to best repair your roof.

Most often, especially after a major storm like Harvey, home insurance will cover a roof repair or a roof replacement. Once the insurance adjuster surveys the damage to your roof, then you will know what all will be covered by your insurance. We also offer to have our roofing experts join the insurance adjuster to help inspect the roof to ensure nothing is overlooked.


Amstill Roofing has been serving the Greater Houston area since 1974. If you feel your home needs a roof inspection, then contact us today and we will perform a free roof inspection to see if there is any external or internal damage. If you are experiencing a roof leak or have missing shingles, then do not wait to call us. We will schedule a time to come to your home and fix your roof.