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Houston roof covered in hail after severe hail storm

It's Hail Season! What Does This Mean For Your Houston Roof?

Peak hail season is here in Houston and will last through May. Houston is not invulnerable to this type of precipitation, and although it may seem minuscule, it has the potential to be very damaging. Therefore, it’s critical that your roof is adequately prepared. In this article, we will offer 3 little-known facts about hail damage and how to prevent it so that you, as a homeowner, are aware of what the season brings.

Facts You Should Know About Houston Hail Roof Damage

In order to determine the best way for you to protect your roof, it’s a good idea to learn about the potential Houston roof damage your home could sustain from hail season.

Fact #1: Hail Storms Compared To Tornadoes

Hail storms are much more common than tornadoes. Tornadoes account for an average of only 1,000 reports per year in the United States, while the country averages over 5,000 reports of large hail storms every single year.

Fact #2: How Hail Storms Form

Hail begins as droplets of water inside a storm cloud. When wind meets the cloud and blows upward (this is known as an updraft), this stirs the droplets of water. As these droplets are tossed around in the cold cloud, they build upon themselves and collect more water. Eventually, hailstones begin to form, but they only fall and land on the ground when the updraft can no longer support their weight.

Fact #3: When Hail Causes Houston Roof Damage

Many believe that only really large pieces of hail can cause damage to their roof. The truth is that it only takes a piece of hail to be the size of a quarter for it to cause substantial roof damage, as well as damage to your siding and any vehicles parked outside.

Prevent Houston Roof Hail Damage This Spring

The best way to prevent Houston roof hail damage is by first contacting us to get a free roof inspection so we can determine how protective your roof currently is. Based on what we find in our roof inspection, we may recommend a few Houston roof repairs or even a complete Houston roof replacement. This is especially recommended if your roof has sustained continuous damage over the years and hasn’t been replaced in a while. Here at Amstill Roofing, most of our Houston roof replacements and repairs are completed in a single day so you can rest assured that your roof will be strong and protective enough to reduce hail storm damage.