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Updated roof shingles to protect from storms

Is Your Tomball Roof Ready for Houston's Hurricane Season?

Summer in Tomball, Texas is approaching, and so is the yearly Atlantic Hurricane Season. It was only three years ago when Hurricane Harvey hit us and left families devastated, and although this type of storm was a rare occurrence, homes throughout Spring, Katy, Tomball, Friendswood, and other suburbs in the greater Houston area are very prone to hurricane storm damage. Because of this, we at Amstill Roofing strive to make sure that homeowners throughout Houston get the necessary roof repairs, or even roof replacements, completed in a timely manner. 

Get Your Roof Ready to Protect Your Home and Your Loved Ones From This Summer’s Hurricanes

This hurricane season is predicted to be a highly active one, so it’s best to take as many precautions as possible, and one of them is with your roofing. 

Amstill Roofing, which offers Tomball roof repairs, Spring roof repairs, Friendswood roof repairs, and more, is fully prepared to help protect and reinforce your roof. We’ll begin by conducting a free roof inspection, as this will give us the opportunity to assess the level of damage your roof has. Based on our findings, we will recommend either a full Houston roof replacement or some roof repairs. 

In Houston, roofs will typically last about 10-15 years, on average, but other factors affect this, such as the type of roof shingles you used and the type of weather conditions that have impacted your roof. If it has been about 10 or more years since you last received a roof replacement, then rather than offering roof repairs, we may recommend Houston roof replacement altogether. This is simply to provide the best possible protection to your home and your loved ones.

Need Tomball Roof Repairs or a Roof Replacement so Your Tomball Roofing is Ready for Hurricane Season? Amstill Can Meet Your Needs Within a Day

If you think your roof needs to be fixed prior to hurricane season, then please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection. Now is the time to understand the current state of your roof and reinforce it as needed. Regardless of which service we recommend, you can rest assured that the materials we use are made high quality to last.