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Houston roof leak in Piney Point Village home

How To Deal With An Emergency Piney Point Village Roof Leak

An emergency Houston roof leak can mean serious business, especially during the peak of hurricane season. If you find a leak in your Piney Point Village roofing, our Houston roof experts recommend addressing it as soon as possible before the problem worsens and you find yourself needing a complete Piney Point Village roof replacement. Keep reading to see how you can best respond to a leak and prevent Houston roof damage from getting worse.

What Causes A Houston Roof Leak In The First Place?

Leaks are caused by an opening somewhere in your Piney Point Village roofing. This is often caused by roof shingles that have loosened due to the wind, punctures from windblown debris, animals or insects that have caused damage, and/or poorly installed roof shingles. Left untreated, it only gets worse, often necessitating a premature Houston roof replacement. 

If You Spot A Leak, Deal With It Right Away!

If you notice a roof leak, please immediately contact our Houston roof experts. We will make our way to your house as soon as possible and solve the problem before it creates additional Houston roof leak damage. While you wait for us to arrive, here’s what you can do:

  • Control the leak with stockpots, bowls, any buckets you may have, or even your outdoor trash and recycle bins, depending on how much water is leaking. 
  • If you see bulging anywhere in the walls, poking a small hole in the middle to let the leak drain is a good idea. Though it may seem counterintuitive, this gives you a chance to collect the water before it tears through your entire wall and causes more costly damage.
  • Don’t panic! This may be a stressful situation, but it’s best to remain calm so you can be proactive about handling the leak until our experts arrive and assess the extent of any Houston roof damage.

Finding the Source of Your Houston Roof Leak

Figuring out exactly where your leak began is often the most difficult part. Just because the water is coming from a corner in your walls doesn't necessarily mean that it formed there. If you can figure it out, that’s great! But if not, rest assured that with over 40 years of experience, we can determine the source of the leak and the extent of your Houston roof leak damage with a free inspection.

Amstill Roofing Offers Piney Point Village Roof Replacement If There Is Severe Roof Damage

Once you see a leak, please contact our Houston roof experts so we can quickly address it and conduct a thorough Houston roof inspection. This will give us a chance to assess the level of damage your roof has sustained and determine if you need a Houston roof replacement to fix extensive damage to the structure.