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Woman holds bucket to collect water from emergency Katy roof leak

How to Deal with an Emergency Katy Roof Leak

A Katy roof leak can feel like an overwhelming problem to tackle, especially if it occurs suddenly. But with the right team of Houston roofers behind you and some helpful knowledge, a Katy roof leak doesn’t have to spell complete doom for your property. If you’re faced with an unexpected leak in your Katy roofing, consider the following suggestions and use this information to prevent your Katy roof damage from getting worse.

Katy Roof Leak Causes

If you have an opening somewhere in your Katy roofing, then any rain-producing event can cause a Katy roof leak. Sometimes this opening is caused by loose shingles that have been damaged by wind, the burrowing of animals or insects, or even poorly-installed roof shingles. Leaving this type of Katy roof damage unaddressed will only make it worse, often necessitating a premature Katy roof replacement. Regardless of the reason for your leak, our Houston roof experts can help you solve it.

Address Your Katy Roof Leak Immediately

The moment you spot a Katy roof leak, call our team of skilled Houston roofers to come out and address the issue. We’ll arrive as soon as possible to secure your Katy roofing, but before we arrive, take the following steps to minimize Katy roof damage:

  • Collect the water: In order to prevent significant interior damage, find a receptacle to collect any water infiltration. For smaller leaks, use pots, pans, or bowls to collect the water. Outdoor trash or recycling bins can hold the water from larger, more significant Katy roof leaks.
  • Keep it flowing: Sometimes water accumulates behind the walls and causes a visible bulge. When this occurs, it should be drained as soon as possible so the water is visible and doesn’t seep undetected within your walls or ceilings, causing mold growth and water damage. Our Houston roof experts recommend poking a small hole in the middle to let the leak drain while you wait for us to arrive.
  • Don’t panic: Remaining calm during this situation will allow you to be proactive in handling the leak until our Houston roofers arrive and assess the extent of any Katy roof damage.

Locate the Source of Your Katy Roof Leak

Finding the source of a Katy roof leak can be challenging. Just because the water is coming from a specific spot doesn't necessarily mean that it formed there. Luckily for you, our Houston roof experts have built a reputation for doing what other Houston roofers can’t, which means we’ll search until we find the source of the leak and determine the extent of your Katy roof leak damage during our free inspection.

Consider a Katy Roof Replacement for Extensive Damage

As soon as you spot a Katy roof leak, contact our Houston roof experts so we can conduct a thorough Houston roof inspection and determine the level of damage your roof has sustained. Sometimes this inspection reveals the need for a Katy roof replacement, in which case, we’ve got you covered!