Sun beating down on house, causing potential Brookshire roof damage

How the Heat Can Damage Your Brookshire Roofing

This summer has been unforgivingly hot, and our Houston roof experts have been hard at work addressing Brookshire roof damage caused by the extreme temperatures we’ve experienced the past few months. While many area residents know to be on alert for the rain, wind, and hail that can cause damage to their Brookshire roofing, hot and dry conditions can spell just as much trouble. This article explains the ways heat can damage your Brookshire roofing and how our Houston roofers can correct these issues, either with roof repairs or a Brookshire roof replacement. 

Ways Summer Heat Can Damage Your Brookshire Roofing

Summer heat can take its toll on all parts of your roof, but your shingles are especially susceptible to damage from high temperatures and prolonged sun exposure. These are the most common ways heat causes Brookshire roof damage:

Brittle Shingles

The shingles that make up your Brookshire roofing contain special oils that keep them strong in the presence of extreme weather conditions like storms and heat. As they age, however, these oils dry out and your shingles become brittle, making them prone to cracking. This process is accelerated in high temperatures and with prolonged sun exposure. 

Cracked Shingles

Once your Brookshire roofing shingles become too brittle, they are no match for debris that gets tossed around in severe weather, such as tree branches or lawn decor. In addition to winds, you can sustain Brookshire roof damage due to hailstones, which are all the more likely to pierce and chip your roof when it’s increasingly brittle. While we’ve had dry conditions so far this summer, meteorologists are calling for an increased chance of thunderstorms in the coming weeks, so consider calling our Houston roof experts so we can perform a professional roof inspection and ensure your Brookshire roofing is able to protect your home from potential severe weather.

Keep your House Cool and Protected with a Brookshire Roof Replacement

Even newer roofs can sustain Brookshire roof damage in the triple-digit temperatures and drought conditions we’ve seen in the Houston area the past few months. So it stands to reason that older roofs may no longer be strong enough to keep you home safe and dry. With the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season on the horizon, a needed Brookshire roof replacement shouldn’t be postponed. At Amstill, our Houston roofers have the knowledge and experience to install your new Brookshire roofing in one day. And for those who want their Brookshire roof replacement to stand the test of time, we proudly offer DaVinci roof tiles. These superior products are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, from brutal summer heat to frigid winter temperatures thanks to a unique composite construction designed to protect against the elements.

Amstill Has Your Heat-Related Brookshire Roofing Issues Covered 

If you believe our recent record-breaking heat caused your home to sustain Brookshire roof damage, your best bet is to call us today and schedule a professional roof inspection with Amstill. Should we discover any of the aforementioned issues, our Houston roofer can walk you through the next steps and help protect your home from further damage, either with roof repairs or a full Brookshire roof replacement. We’re here to serve you, rain or shine!