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Yellow and red leaves on a roof gutter

How Does Fall Weather Affect Your Bellaire Roofing?

When we think of Bellaire roof damage, rain and drought are the common culprits that come to mind. But did you know that your roof is also vulnerable during the fall season? Many people love autumn because of the beautiful red yellow scenery. However, fallen leaves actually pose a serious threat to your roof. Amstill Roofing works on thousands of roofs all year long. With our time-tested Bellaire roofing services, your home can be protected from those pesky fall leaves.

The Danger of Fallen Leaves

One innocent leaf may not do much damage. But when they collect on your roof during autumn, they can be a major headache. Those leaves are usually wet due to the fall weather. When they clump together, the moisture becomes substantial. Water can cause roof rotting. It can also drip down the sides of your house or straight into your attic. Leaks affect the overall integrity of your property and call for Bellaire roof replacement. Not to mention, excessive leaves can be really heavy. If your roof cannot withstand the weight, it could collapse.

Be Aware of Autumn Debris

During autumn, fallen trees and branches are more common. Heavier debris can puncture holes on your roof. Without immediate Bellaire roof repair, your family is left exposed to the elements. During such cases, contact our Bellaire roofing experts. We provide emergency roof leak repair services. Branches can also cause your shingles to crack and loosen. Shingle damage can snowball into serious Bellaire roofing issues. Debris may also affect your flashing, which protects the most vulnerable parts of your roof.

How to Prevent Roof Damage

Bellaire roof damage during fall can be prevented. First, make sure that leaves don’t accumulate on your roof. Pay special attention to your gutters as they can get clogged by leaves. If you are unsure how to clear the leaves that have gathered on your roof, contact Amstill Roofing. Not only will we take care of your problem, but we will inspect your roof to make sure there is no permanent damage. It is always better to let Bellaire roofing experts do the job. Climbing your roof puts yourself at risk, and you may not have the right equipment. Another prevention you can do is to keep your branches trimmed. Regularly check your gutters and drain pipes to make sure they are well-functioning.

Contact Us Today for Bellaire Roofing Services

Fall weather is actually a great time for roofing work. The temperature isn’t too hot so your roofers can work more efficiently. This way, you can be prepared in time for hurricane season. Rely on Amstill Roofing for high-quality roof replacement and repair services. We are committed to achieving perfection using the best materials for the safety of your family. Contact us today for a free roof inspection! We look forward to serving you.