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Is Your Houston Roof Ready for April Showers?

The weather in Houston has been fantastic as of late, but the month of April is known for rain. Heavy rains can cause substantial damage to the interior of your roof, especially if there are any cracks or missing shingles.

At Amstill Roofing, we recommend receiving a free roof inspection from our roofing company. Our professional inspector will conduct a thorough examination of your roof to ensure that every inch of your roof is in good working order. This means checking the life of your shingles, checking for weak or soft spots along the roof, and for cracks or breaks in the structure.

After this free roof inspection, our inspector will provide you with detail information about the state of your roof. If there is nothing wrong with your roof, then we’ll let you know. Even when the roof is in good condition, the shingles still have only so long of a lifespan. We’ll let you know about how long you should expect your shingles to last.


These inspections are a huge asset for your pocketbook because you will be able to catch problems early before they become severe and more expensive. Catching problems in your roof early ensures that only minor roof repairs are necessary instead of major roof repairs or even roof replacements. Letting the condition of your roof go is like anything else, even the human, it won’t heal on its own. There is no self-correction with roof issues. These are problems that should be addressed quickly.

Don’t let small problems increase in severity. Take care of those missing shingles. Take care of those linear cracks. The last you need is for the roofing problem to create an attic or ceiling problem.


Contact our Houston roofing professionals today. Most roofing issues are covered by home insurance. If you want your insurance adjustor to check your roof as well, one of our roofing experts can join them. We’ll make certain nothing gets missed.

To protect your roof, call Amstill. We look forward to hearing from you and protecting your roof from the April showers and types of weather conditions Houston brings.