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Houston winter roof damage caused by ice accumulation

Houston Roof Damage Common in the Winter

We Texans are no strangers to summer heat and its impact on our lives, including how it can cause Houston roof damage, but cold weather can be just as significant and shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential threat to your roof. Especially given the extreme weather our area saw last winter, our Houston roof experts want you to know of the risks for winter roof damage and what you can do to prepare your home for our next cold spell. Keep reading to better understand the threats that winter brings to your property and how a Houston roof replacement may be your best protection from dropping temperatures.

Causes of Cold Weather Roof Damage To Your Houston Roofing

  • Freezing rain and hail: hail is more common in the spring, but is still a threat to your Houston roofing all year, but winter weather also brings the possibility of freezing rain, which poses a similar threat as hail. This is especially true if it comes in the form of heavy precipitation, which reduces the protection your shingles provide, as the impact of freezing rain leaves divots and dents on their surface.
  • Ice dams and ice accumulation: If rain is accompanied by freezing temps, ice can quickly build up on your roof’s surface. When this happens, it blocks rain from flowing off, clogging your gutters and increasing your risk of a leak. Since leaks cause damage to the interior of your home as well as the exterior, this type of winter roof damage can be considerably destructive and expensive.
  • Snow build-up: This type of cold weather roof damage isn’t terribly common in Houston, but it does happen from time to time. If your roof is more than 10 years old, it may not be able to support the pressure of accumulated snow, as it no longer possesses the structural integrity required to support the additional weight, leading to the kind of cold weather roof damage that requires a Houston roof replacement.

Protect Your Property With a Houston Roof Replacement This Winter

In order to avoid the problems caused by the aforementioned threats, it’s wise to consider a Houston roof replacement and make sure your home is protected. An insecure roof is the last thing you want when cold weather strikes, so schedule a free inspection with our Houston roofer, who will examine it thoroughly, looking for missing or curling shingles, buckling or sagging in the rooftop, and loose or cracked flashing. Should we discover any of these issues, we may recommend a Houston roof replacement in order to ensure your home is properly protected against potential cold weather roof damage. 

Call on Our Houston Roof Experts for your Houston Roofing Needs

The effects of winter roof damage shouldn’t be dismissed, even in Houston. Our Houston roof experts have been providing homeowners with the same level of service and professionalism we’ve offered to all our customers for over 47 years. Should you need new Houston roofing, Amstill has you covered every step of the way. We offer financing options and can even help you navigate the homeowners insurance process, as we don’t want anything to stand between you and peace of mind this winter. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and see why we’re the most trusted roofing company in Houston.